The Theatre List 30/4 – Avenging all the way

I was not able to participate in the Free Comic Book Day this weekend but I did manage to pick up the Guardians book. It was quite enjoyable and helpful in introducing Venom to the group in a way that refreshes the Guardian’s origins and make Flash look badass. The rest of the book was kind of meh but it was free so we cannot complain too much. There was a smaller pull this week and I noticed the Bat books were a little slower and uninteresting, especially the Batman vs Bane issue which culminates the Forever Evil tie in. Eternal was solid enough but not interesting enough. I did read Amazing Spider-Man #1 because it was a landmark issue and as I iterated recently, it will be dropped. The cutesy frolicy Peter is not for me and I honestly miss Ock. I have a queasiness that will not settle until I know that Anna Maria’s heart will not be broken, unfortunately I cannot see any other way of ending that story. All New X-Men was surprisingly good and I enjoyed reading the Scott Jean conversation but it stopped there as the surprise twist brought back the distaste of Battle of the Atom. And I honestly have no idea what the Uncanny Avengers Annual was about.


The Flash (2011-) - Annual 003-000The Flash Annual #3

I do have some reservations about this book, especially considering they have brought back Wally but not the West we all know and love. It is almost a cruel trick pulled on the West survivors out there but we need to give it some time. The story is compelling enough but there was a surprise twist in this book that epically failed because they have not built up to it. The art was lovely though and I do like the cool blue costume, what can I say, I am a sucker for a colour variation.


Avengers v5 028-000Avengers #28

Just fantastic. This book brings an important reminder that the New Avengers Illuminati is very much not an Avengers Initiative and also how they wronged Banner in the past. It is very cleverly done and there is some fantastic dialogue between Tony and Bruce. I adore this issue because it brings so much together with apt tension.


Avengers World (2014-) 005-000Avengers World #5

This book is very much dealing with the Avengers characters that are not so familiar, and this issue sees Manifold take a turn. He is asked to help teleport into the AIM capital but he struggles to move at all. His connection to his powers have been lost but Mother Universe comes to his aid. It is a decent character journey with excellent exposition.


New Avengers v3 017-000New Avengers #17

Interestingly NA seems to focus on the multiverse champions of another universe whilst Avengers tackles the Illuminati. It also tackles the strained relationship between Namor and T’Challa and it is good to see a resolution after so long. Another great story and excellent characterisation.



All three Avengers books were fantastic and took a different angle in the whole multiverse sage, including characters, story and subterfuge. They really do tackle it all and Hickman’s master plan is slowly bearing fruit.

Silver Surfer (2014-) 002-000Silver Surfer #2

I buy this book because I am completely in love with Allred’s art but I am enjoying Slott’s take on the regular human being the special one. It does reminisce of Amy Pond from Doctor Who because she was a normal person who became the most important, as oft the Doctor’s companion do. This seems to be the play here and it has made a great start.


Deadly Class 004-000Deadly Class #4

Check my review!




chew_41Chew #41

As we turn into the next chapter we see good times for a change! This issue was happy and funny all the way and is almost a stand alone issue that demonstrates the joys of this book, from an art and writing perspective. I cannot understate the immenseness of this book.



Ten Grand 09 01Ten Grand #9

Though I was never a fan of Templesmith’s art, CP Smith is performing diligently at the task at hand. JMS is lucky the book took a dramatic fantastical turn when it did. otherwise it would not have worked so well. This issue has a particularly difficult conundrum for our protagonist and I love how the flashback scenes are from Templesmith.



hacktivist_004_cover (1)Hacktivist #4

This arc culminates in this fourth issue and the smoke and mirrors approach to civil uprising comes to fruition. The story is relatively average but there is a glorious final sequence which brings the importance of the character to the forefront. A solid title covering ground that no other comic has touched since the Arab Spring.




Black Science 006-000Black Science #6

I cannot praise this book enough because not only is Scalera and White’s art glorious (as written about here – but Remender has a real grasp of desperation immorality. I adore it and the issue had a tragic and sad twist, built upon by all the series so far. This comic represents a unison in art and style to give an incredible work of art.


Southern Bastards 001 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Southern Bastards #1

Check my review later this week!

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