The Theatre List 14/5 – The time is now, Marvel Now!

I was quite surprised to find that Marvel dominated this weeks pull, especially the Avengers books. I cannot praise Hickman enough for his work and Kot/Hopeless are upcoming stars shining on their Avengers B books. I actually had to go and check I wasn’t missing some books because there was little out from the creator owned side that I was collecting. This is quite the rarity this week but aside from Uber there were no stalwart Image titles, and I have little interest in Minimum Wage, Starlight, or FBP. I also must admit that I missed out on Afterlife with Archie and Stray Bullets too, which I must catch up on. I must make note of the Superman Doomed story which I have been less than impressed with. The actual issue was quite weakly written and rushed with me completely missing the point of Superman taking Doomsday to Venus and back. I appreciated the Superman Wonder Woman issue, but it wasn’t good enough to recommend but Pak has been performing well on Action Comics. I quite like Kuder’s art and it was the only issue of the three that really delved into the change in psyche of Clark. The concept of contracting a virus that makes you Doomsday is far from original and it certainly requires decent writing for it to work but Lobdell is not that writer for me. I appreciate many out there may disagree, as Soule has been performing well from a Diana relationship perspective, but perhaps Superman is to much of a difficult character to write. I hope to see people follow Pak’s example and make him more interesting in this rather average setup crossover.


2014-05-14 07-40-38 - Action Comics (2011-) 031-000Action Comics #31

As I alluded to above I enjoy how Pak takes time to nail Clark’s thoughts and feelings. I am not interested in a basic virus story turning someone into a bad guy, its been done to death. What I am interested in is how and why it does it and that is what this issue explores. I love Kuder’s art because it is not overly complicated but remains suitably heroic.


Secret Avengers (2014-) 003-000Secret Avengers #3

Brilliant! check my review




Secret Avengers (2014-) 003-000Avengers #29

It is sometimes difficult to keep up with which book is which, as New Avengers was always about the Illuminati but this issue saw Cap regain his memory. I guess technically it is about an Avenger who is not part of the group but they overlap. In any case this issue was brilliant because of Steve’s vengeance, which of course involves fighting. It is a little silly but the story is well conveyed and it is not unbelievable. Great story and I do love me some Yu art!


New Avengers v3 018-000New Avengers #18

This issue is completely focused on in house Illuminati domestics as we see Bruce become part of the group that once betrayed him. There is also some exposition on the Panther-Namor relationship and just when I thought they were becoming friends. These aspects were not even the better parts of the plot because an incursion ensues and they face a foe unlike any they have faced before! I mean that too!


Avengers Undercover 004-000Avengers Undercover #4

A fascinating story continues as Hopeless explores what it means to be a hero or a villain. The murder of Arcade leaves the children extremely vulnerable and the cover makes no bones about who is on the prowl. The time spent developing these characters is extensive and if you have been invested in them, then you will be intrigued to know what they do. This is the crux and motivation of the story.


X-Force-005-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001X-Force #5

As expected not an easy story to follow because it is Simon Spurrier! His work is always a little complex and involves convoluted plots and detailed character expositions. However they all come together in the end and this issue was great because it focused on Marrow, and how she has changed over the years. Molina is much better on this issue than previous ones and his depiction of Sarah’s torment is quite harrowing.


All-New Ghost Rider (2014-) 003-000All New Ghost Rider #3

Just gorgeous artwork and the scene where the car, the spirit and Reyes become one is just amazing. The story is making waves but no more than a gangster crossed with a monster tale but we shall see where it takes us.



All-New X-Men 027-000All New X-Men #27

There are two reasons why this should not appear on this list: 1. It is All New X-Men and 2. It involves the ridiculously wordy the brotherhood of evil x-men from the future. However this issue was quite good because it actually gave some character exposition and so we don’t just feel like the future bad guys are mild variations of people we know. An interesting background is always the beginning in selling a new character.


Shutter_02-1Shutter #2

I have no idea where this book is going or what it is even trying to portray but I love Del Duca’s art and she is keeping me interested. Plus the lion head gangsters are so amazingly cool that I must see more of them!

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