Cover of the Week 21/5 – Rocket Girl #5 by Amy Reeder

Rocket Girl 005 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

There is just something so incredibly appealing about Dayoung as a character. Her unwavering and determined personality imbibed with enthusiasm is intoxicating and almost inspirational. The exuberance of youth and the arrogance of naiveté are qualities so easily lost and impossible to regain. Amy Reeder must still have it because she infused it into her art because her central character oozes confidence on every panel. Not only are her expressions blithe and nonchalant but her posture is completely relaxed, this is built upon by having her hang in mid air via her rocket pack. She just looks forward without a care, hanging without concern. If you are up to date with the book then you know this not to be true. If you look behind the bellowing smoke clouds from her jetpack then you will observe people staring at her, even a gentleman actually removing his shades to look at her. She must be situated in a place like Piccadilly Circus or Times Square and Reeder has coloured it particularly bright to emphasis the very public exposure of Rocket Girl. Bringing all this together the cover has a specific purpose that in all of the commotion and attention, Dayoung is unfazed and unperturbed. She remains cool and focused on her goal and is a very admirable approach to have in times of trouble. Amy Reeder has a delightful style and Rocket Girl proves to be an energetic and affable young girl and a book I would recommend to all.

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