The Theatre List 21/5 – Finally Done Forever

There were an abundance of good titles out this week with some epic issues. Original Sin was not one of these, but I get the impression it has generally been well received on the whole. My main concerns are with the dilution of characters and the slow plot with unexciting reveals. I actually have hope that it will pick up because Jason Aaron is writing it. It was not a bad comic by any stretch of the imagination but it was not particularly exciting on the whole and I remain uninvested in the plot. Batman Eternal was quite average but I really struggle with the idea that the police chief can allow a criminal to escape because they do not work with capes. To let Professor Pyg go without any sleight of hand or deviousness is such a heinous act that I cannot believe it is acceptable on a public level. I have no idea why I was so irritated by this, maybe it was because it was rush washed over, but I found it sloppy writing. The other books I failed to recommend were ones I have lost interest in anyway including Amazing Spider-man and All New X-Factor. Wonder Woman seems to be the original season of a television drama on repeat, it is good but Ive seen it before. East of West was a little hit as it contained few of our favoured characters and a rather extensive fight eliminating a number of people we have spent time with. It was not bad but was weak for the general high quality of the title.


Forever Evil (2013-) 007-000aForever Evil #7

Very enjoyable. Check my review




Justice League (2011-) 030-000Justice League #30

Continuing in the same vein of Forever Evil, seeing Luthor in charge of the League was actually quite impressive. The build is going to be slow and maybe a little frustrating but it’ll be for a good climax. The art was a little wayward in places especially amongst characters expressions.


Thor - God of Thunder 022-000Thor #22

Thor is quite a quandary because from the future Thor Galactus perspective it is awesome, but the current Thor Midgard story is rather uninspiring. I think it is the art that does it because the book shows the excellent parallel between the styles. Epic is what Ribic does best and that is what shines. However still a great book.



Daredevil (2014-) 003-000Daredevil #3

Just breathtakingly brilliant. The tenseness and suspense towards the finale of the book is engrossing. It is good to see old Owly back in good form too! I am never disappointed with this book.



Uncanny X-Men (2013-) 021-000Uncanny X-Men #21

You will not actually believe me but this story arc is actually making developments and heading towards a finale! It has taken so long and we have heard so much emotional angst that we should celebrate. Excellent plot with Scott and Illyana under the care of the Beast, who is about to find out why they have lost all control. It is actually quite exciting and Bachalo is great as always.


Elektra (2014-) 002-000Elektra #2

Del Mundo’s art is of a world alone. It reminds me of JH Williams III because his panels barely exist, but the movement is wonderfully fluid through the splash pages. It keeps you on edge and just within the realms of reality, and is so beautiful to look at.



Avengers World (2014-) 006-000Avengers World #6

Nick Spencer has been focusing on the new Hickman characters for a few issues now. This is a book about Hyperion who has been looking after the evolutionary children. His story is really intriguing because it looks at how he was dragged from an alternate reality and how he has changed the way he lives his life. Fascinating stuff.



NOVA2013017-DC11-38e8dNova #17

I do wonder why I love this book so much and I believe it is because of the home family life and grounded nature of the book. Sam is quite the realistic hero with super powers but not the maturity to be able to help his mother properly. All the while trying to be a superhero. Medina is doing a lovely job on the artworks.


Rocket Girl 005 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Rocket Girl #5

If you wonder why I love this book so much, it is summarised by last week’s cover of the week! Story has made good progress and I am interested to see where it may go if it is extended. I do love Amy Reeder’s art.



ARCHAIA-Last-Broadcast-001-WEB-1-2-2b251The Last Broadcast #1

A very strange book with an odd parallel storyline. On the one hand we are discussing magic tricks and then a robbery of valuable artefacts. I need to re-read it but the art is gorgeous with so much depth and texture. It is quite fascinating to look at.



Saga 019-000Saga #19

I tweeted this week that BKV really knows how to tear your heart out. We are now at the beginning of volume two and there is a new set up to the family. It is quite sweet the way they have settled but after all the troubles of volume one, we are beginning somewhere anew. Wonderful art as always and a joy and pain to read.



Zero 008-000Zero #8

As I seem to say every week, Ales Kot is a rising star. This is such a fantastic issue and the story is a simple parlay raid but is so empathic and dangerous in its art. The cloak and dagger plotline continues and agent zero is enacting his revenge and revealing his story slowly but surely. Just brilliant.



Velvet 005-000Velvet #5

What a glorious book from an intriguing story, to lovely John Le Carre-esque art to the most incredibly colouring around. I shall be reviewing this book later this week.

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