The Theatre List 4/6 – Good but not quite good enough

I am unsure what it was this week, that has led to such a small pull given the number of books that were out. I feel that many comics this week just did not have enough substance for me to recommend them. This is certainly the case for Green Lantern where the political theme is well rendered but with alien races that I don’t care about. They have produced a decent universe but unless you have single representatives of that nation, then I have no one to empathise with. Red Lanterns had a dismal end to the Atrocitus feud, even though I loved the new Red Lantern Judge. Avengers World was a fine comic but nothing of real interest or advancement to the plot and I just don’t care about another set of heroes. Surprisingly Black Widow did not make my list because its motive never reached fulfilment. Normally I can empathise and understand with Widow, but as soon as you removed the focus from a first person perspective to a third person one, it lost its meaning. The art is still gorgeous though. I have figured out the problem with Eternal; it is a decent enough but non original story but I am not a fan of the art. March is not an artist I resonate with which is why I struggle to recommend it. A final mention about Iron Fist which is a book I have lost complete interest in and the art really is unenjoyable. I do not mind the flashbacks as the faded colours make the art easier to appreciate but otherwise it is too dark and thick for the story. I am sure many people iterate how Danny is not their Danny and how we all miss him. This is true and the new version of him is uncharismatic and unappealing. However despite my misery, there are still some comic shining lights out there!


Action-Comics-032-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Action Comics #32

Greg Pak is the only writer that has convinced me of the internal struggle of Superman’s to maintain his ethical core, whilst battling the raging disease that is Doomsday. This was excellently written and paced and Kolins’ art is lovely and precise.



2014-05-28 07-31-02 - Batman (2011-) 031-000Batman #31

Zero Year has been a little slow over the past few months but this issue was simply fantastic. It reads like the final plan to foil the Riddler and the time pressures and stalling dialogue were well played out. Capullo’s art was joyous and his splash pages once again blow you away. Its a breath of fresh Bat air in the midst of repetitiveness.



ST-Cv32-ds-b5fcfSwamp Thing #32

This was a surprisingly good issue with a great Aquaman cameo. The world of the Green is being rewritten by Soule and he is doing a decent job of it, especially when it comes to original usage of marine plant life and the retired human avatars. It is quite an isolating book and it makes you feel for Holland because everyone seems to hate him



Though this is similar to the previous issues, the plot actually moves along more successfully in this issue. I still take issue with the mismatched fractured hero teams but they seem to be coming together and making headway. Though I am still unconvinced of The Watcher’s importance I reckon we are heading to a larger scale emergency that he was only a small part of.


Magneto (2014-) 005-000Magneto #5

This book moves from strength to strength and as we introduce a new character, or should I say victim, the story becomes more compelling. I am very impressed with Bunn’s grasp of Erik and the artist has changed, and probably for the better. We see more flashbacks of sacrifices made and troubled times which culminate nicely in a well polished single issue.


The Superior Foes of Spider-Man 012 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Superior Foes of Spider-Man #12

Where has this book been because I have dearly missed it. The incredibleness and gall of Boomerang never fails to impress me, similarly to the gullibility of his colleagues. It remains hilarious and the receptive nature of the heist is quite interesting compared to the previous time they tried to steal Doom’s painting. You have to read it to really appreciate it and Lieber’s art is wonderful as always.


The Punisher (2014-) 006-000The Punisher #6

Gerads’ art is simply superb because not only is the electricity and rain effect beautifully rendered but the whole comic has this futile action sequences which ends explosively. The chase sequence is exciting and genuinely suspenseful with this overhanging dread that Punisher is going to fail, with a syncopated internal monologue that carries you along with him. Excellent work.


Moon Knight (2014-) 004-000Moon Knight #4

Now this book has taken the left field approach of having Moon Knight investigate the mystical and strange in one shot comics. Check out my thoughts on Aaron Meyer’s Honour Roll at Comicosity!


The Wake 09-000The Wake #7

I appreciate that this second half of the tale is not as relatable or as exciting as the first but it is still great. Murphy’s art is so incredible and detailed that the colour is an added bonus. The pirate theme is not quite expressed as well as it could be but the doomed nature of the world is as it should be. This penultimate issue really leaves us in bewilderment at how it can possibly be concluded in one more issue.


The Superannuated Man 001-000The Superannuated Man #1

This comic gives you no idea what to expect, especially when Ted McKeever’s name is on it. However it reads as the sole human remaining in a town overrun by animal creatures in the Wake of some kind of nuclear or biological fallout. It certainly is interesting and well drawn, with a central character that is somewhat deranged in his isolation. Its well written and very unique, making it worth a read.

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