Cover of the Week 11/6 – Secret Avengers #4 by Tradd Moore

Secret Avengers (2014-) 004-000

As odd as this cover may be, it is still a very stylish and well coloured piece of art. Ales Kot has divided up the group and given us separate factions that purvey varying aspects of the espionage personality. This scenario sees Hawkeye and Fury team up as an unlikely duo to invade a forgotten lawless city. The schematic cover displayed above sees a centre piece of stern and suspicious looking partners with a S.H.I.E.L.D. entourage looking equally apprehensive. The is a focus on the arrow and bullet motif in this circle but also those surrounding the centre. It is almost Hickman/Aja-esque how the adjoining circles represent the theme and content of the issue. We have head shots of Fury and Barton together with arrows flying and bullets firing. A further image depicts the team of agents by their side, and if there was any doubt to the nature of the mission, a giant S.H.I.E.L.D. image exists to the top left. The backdrop is a cool looking city based upon some strange swirled foundation which only makes sense if you read the issue. Moore’s art is a stylish and cool with exaggerated features as a specialty, hence why his expressions look fantastic. However the key aspect of this cover is the colouring because Matt Wilson is really pulling out all the stops in the issue as well as the cover. The yellow and red motifs are apt because of the low light, potential night vision feel to their mission, amongst a darker and shaded mysterious city. The mood is captured and the scene is set perfectly as a covert operation, worthy of the name Secret Avengers. A wonderful combination of artist and colourist bringing accentuation to the darkness of the secret service.

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