The Theatre List 11/6 – 3 months to die? Please, please be true!

Welcome to the weekly Original Sin update! Yep this week saw some incrediblely tenuous links to the Watcher’s eyeball exploding, but it did give us some nice white coloured banners. Great. It hardly counts as a crossover when a character remembers a secret, but that is what we are trying to be convinced of. At least it lends to a triggering of some stories at least, such as Agent Preston obtaining a clue to Deadpool’s progeny, or an unknown character called Radiance realising the truth behind Hiroshima. These have no bearing on The Watcher but are sold as if they are. It is a good thing that I buy some of these titles anyway, but Original Sins was a complete waste of time. I appreciate introducing Deathlok back into continuity but a poor Young Avengers tale and a cute Lockjaw story do not cut it. Elsewhere in the world of DC we saw Eternal once again hit the blandness button as I am left wondering if I will even buy it again. I did enjoy the art in Wonder Woman Superman but the story failed to pique my interest. Even Larfleeze was a little on the dull side this week, and that has been a favourite of mine since it started. I will also make mention of how much I am not enjoying Hulk, I find the art off key and Waid’s writing has not resonated with me for a long time now. It really disappoints given how much I love good old Bruce. At least he still rocks with the Avengers. That is seriously enough wingeing for now, let’s get to the goods.


Detective Comics (2011-) 032-000Detective Comics #32

Even though Buccellato and Manapul find light in the strangest of places, this week being a fridge, I am still wholeheartedly in love with their art. Some stunning pages as always, in a more duskier Gotham. The story is keeping me entertained but it angers be how separate this book is from all the the other Bat books. Some continuity would be nice, but for now I look for the light.


All-New Invaders (2014-) 006-000All New Invaders #6

Say what you will about Robinson but when he is on form, his character writing is top notch. The Human Torch is brought into S.H.I.E.L.D. and undergoes a psychiatric evaluation whilst revealing an Original Sin story about Hiroshima. It is quite the compelling tale as Hammond has quite a bit of depth in revealing the sins of the mother. Laming is pretty impressive on the art too.


New Avengers v3 019-000New Avengers #19

I just adore this book so much and the moral ambiguity of the Illuminati fighting the Great Society is so masterfully expressed. It brings another level of evil intent to an already dubious direction for our so called heroes. By far the greatest moment in this book is Namor revealing the truth no one else wishes to accept.



Mighty Avengers (2013-) 011-000Mighty Avengers #11

Once again ever so loosely related to Original Sin, we see Luke Cage confront his father about a caper in the 70’s. Its surprisingly well drawn and the writing is excellent as we have come to expect from Al Ewing. The vampires infused with arcane magic is a theme I normally dislike but this keeps me interested.



All-New X-Men 028-000All New X-Men #28

Bendis finally carries out the work I know he can do, the deeper personal stories. When he focuses on less characters and loses the teen angst motif, the book is instantly more interesting. The Xavier from the future as a terribly sordid past and reflecting on this is making the issue a compelling read. I do tire of Immonen’s art but it is solid.


Avengers Undercover 005-000Avengers Undercover #5

Gotta love how Hopeless and Walker have managed to take the Murder World torment and have the children suffer it after the event. When you cross that boundary, then the road to redemption is never smooth. This is where Hopeless is shining and the story is fantastically twisted. I have slowly fallen for these characters and I hope they survive intact.



Secret Avengers (2014-) 004-000Secret Avengers #4

Another superb issue focusing on Fury and Clint leading a S.H.I.E.L.D. into a secret city to discover a lost weapon. Walsh’s art and Wilson’s colouring is just fantastic at portraying the black op nature of the mission and Kot is really getting to grips with the spy theme. I cannot recommend this book enough.



Wolverine-v6-008-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Wolverine #8

I have to buy these last three issues because, if it is true, Wolverine may actually die and not come back for a while. I have to have faith because they did it with Peter and I am desperate to see Wolverine given some time to refresh and regain importance. Cornell is writing an interesting tale and the depths of Wolverine’s character are slowly coming to the surface, in all their hideous glory.


Manifest Destiny 07 01Manifest Destiny #7

Check my review out later this week!




shutter3cvrShutter #3

This strange world is really beautiful to look at because Del Duca’s art is so engrossing and deep. The strange animal facades and alternate reality work is fun to look at. Keatinge’s writing is decent enough and I am keen to see where he takes the sibling storyline, but there is enough suspense to keep me reading.



BYAROBOTcover_webThat’s Because You’re A Robot #1

It is fun, it is light hearted and most of all, it is refreshing. A one shot comedy comic that hits all the dysfunctional police partnership bases with fantastic dialogue of two men trying to convince themselves they aren’t robots. Its a hilarious concept that leads to corruption and disgrace within the unit. The art is rather simple but effective.

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