The Theatre List 2/7 – Are you a Southern Bastard?

I have had a very enjoyable week with some titles that I didn’t expect to pick up the pace, but did, these included Sheltered, Nailbiter and Earth 2. However there were a few disappointments. Captain America was a better issue than recent issues, but it is not enough to tease the return of Dimension Z villains to make me a supporter. The Remender underage rape issues that have plagued Twitter are also blown way out of proportion. However this is not the first time Remender has been a little blasé when it comes to important issues, he did a similar washover comment in Uncanny Avengers with the “M” word. Despite qualifying Jet’s age with a reference to her being twenty-three, there are still some disputes given earlier issues of the run. Either way if we are to assume she is of legal age then the scene is still insensitive, especially when you couple in the drunkenness and loss of virginity. I appreciate Sam being a role model and can understand the anger displayed at him potentially having underage non consensual sex but this is clearly not the intent and is due to some poorly thought out weak writing. This is not the first time we have read this in comics and it won’t be the last, but the exaggeration of the topic and vilification of the writer is unnecessary.

We move onto the Superman books and I almost find myself repeating previous thoughts and comments. The Doomsday idea is a quaint one but it starts as an internal personal struggle, but I think it will turn into a grand master plan of Brainiac. This will be a disappointment because there is surely going to be a cure and the theme will focus upon defeating a classic villain yet again. I will say this though Pak’s writing is solid on Action Comics and I enjoy reading it, but the issue was not that impressive. It was still better than Superman Unchained which is a very regular story and no character development at all. It is interesting to note that Sinestro and Magneto were both written by Cullen Bunn and both featured some classic references to older characterisations. Magneto is a book fast becoming one depicting Erik as a vicious madman and I worry it will send him further wayward, without maintaining continuity with his recent developments. The art is less impressive and I am missing Walta who was quite dark. Sinestro is returning to the classic misunderstood villain archetype, and a common enemy brings about the development of a united front on Thaal’s side. It is a shame because there is so much to be done with him. Lastly Thor was disappointing because Ribic was not on the whole issue and the Broxton story ended with some cliche emotional dirge. The future Thor work seems to bear no relevance on this storyline and I am quite upset that Aaron hasn’t tied these plots together in a meaningful way. Despite all this, there were some great books to read!


GL_Cv33_dsGreen Lantern #33

As much as I didn’t really understand how we were to appreciate the numerous bad guy races, the story tied nicely together. There were some great moments of unity and the classic villains turning on villains tome was enacted. However Billy Tan was great on the art and I very much enjoyed this run.



earth-2-25Earth 2 #25

Finally there have been some motions towards an ending. It took long enough and the emergence of a new hero was revealed very well. The story has maintained its consistency but has become reliant on the events as opposed to the characters since Robinson’s departure. However Nicola Scott’s art was still excellent as always.



RRRocket Raccoon #1

Just an incredible demonstration of how an artist can be completely suited to a character. The story was reasonable but the mannerisms and ridiculousness of Rocket could not be better depicted by any other artist than Skottie Young. I am quite likely to do an Iconic Art Post based on the lovely little touches Young brings to his Rocket panels.



Moon Knight (2014-) 005-000Moon Knight #5

Such a fantastic issue! Will be reviewing the art on it later this week.




Black-Widow-008-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Black Widow #8

Noto maintains his stunning work on this title and the guest appearance of Winter Soldier was not gratuitously handled, but a very good fit for the book. Edmondson is piecing together an intricate story and I am quite sure it will reveal some interesting turns and surprises. In any case the artwork alone will always bring me to this book.



Original Sin 005-000Original Sin #5

The series has been paced quite interestingly and I recently commented that the division of labour was resolved quite quickly. I like the idea that Fury is a watcher and he has been relying on himself to rid the world of intergalactic terrorism. Though it makes you wonder how many more alien invasions there could possibly be in the Marvel Universe! The art was lovely and it was a decent backstory.



Lazarus-09-releasesLazarus #9

This book always intrigues me because I enjoy reading it and the art is always fantastic, but I never review it because I find myself wondering what to say. The political system, or lack of, doesn’t seem to be any more than rich families ruling the lands. There are some interesting tales regarding the have-nots which is where the true plot lies, as Forever’s empathy kicks in.


Sheltered10_CoverSheltered #10

I once complained that I never understood the concept of this book, but over time I have come to accept that this book is about rogue kids who have been manipulated. We now read about the consequences and they are quite devastating. The art is so cold and chilling that it fits the narrative well.



EastofWest_13-1East of West #13

Just incredible work. Death is the one character we all love and his story is always worth reading, and viewing. Dragotta is so amazing at depicting action and violence on an epic scale. He is certainly a match for the master of the apocalypse, Hickman, who’s story is reaching ridiculously stunning proportions.



3929274-southern+bastardsSouthern Bastards #3

Simply incredible in every way. The characters are realistic and compelling, the environment is aggressive and scary, the story is suspenseful and tense and the art is wonderfully rendered and intense. By far the best book out there in the independent environment.



SatelliteSam_09Satellite Sam #9

I appreciate that this is a little risqué and the topics are relatively deviant and seedy, but for what it is, it is brilliant. Fraction and Chaykin are excellent together and the story has been progressing at a great pace with gradual revelations of gratuitousness. Chaykin’s work is nauseating and sensual at the same time, depending on his subject material.


3929271-nailbiterNailbiter #3

I was quite surprised to find this book very exciting. It slightly reminds me of Bedlam but they have a differing approach in that the central character is being protected from community vengeance. The story was very enticing and you feel for the “Nailbiter” which is a very impressive feat given the hideousness of the violence.

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