Cover of the Week 23/7 – Daredevil #6 by Chris Samnee

Daredevil (2014-) 006-000

Straight off the bat, I love this cover because the words Original Sin are written in a grand font atop the page and a nun is holding a baby dead centre. There is no better contrast than this because it is a clear to the reader that inherently a sin is depicted, not only because it refutes a potential vow of celibacy but the Christian concept of the state of humanity. It is very cleverly done and it is most certainly purposeful that this image entertains the tenuous crossover. The nuns are all quite similar and are meant to bring unity to the forefront of the page, so we can appreciate the aberrant character. If the break in uniformity doesn’t accentuate the baby then the highlighting of colour certainly will. There is almost a spotlight on the young lady holding a baby, one that almost implies the passing of judgement. I quite like that Samnee spent time on every single character on this page, and not just a repetitious image. Murdock’s mother, Maggie appears quite young with a sullen appearance, despite paying attention to Matthew as a baby. She tends to her child whilst those around her are engrossed in prayer. The red shawl around wrapped around the baby gives definite intent that this is Daredevil as a child. Of course the juxtaposition of a character who adopts the name of devil being raised by a nun is neatly displayed, but this has been a core aspect to Matthews character in the eighties and nineties. I like this cover because it is simple, clever and very effective but it also plays it neutrally. There is no judgement passed on either side because the inherent sin that is displayed is not exaggerated. One could imagine the other nuns with scornful glances, in fact Samnee/Rodriguez provides support because Sister Maggie is brightly coloured compared to her fellow sisters. The cover takes a very intelligent and conceptual approach to a story about Matt Murdock’s mother and to the crossover tie-in.

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