The Theatre List 23/7 – Erm I think you missed Saga?

No that is correct, for the first time ever since I started writing the Theatre List, Saga is not making an appearance. To be honest it has become a completely different book to the one we all knew and loved. It lost the warmth that made everyone want to read about Alana and Marko. The next chapter is clearly about the demise of their relationship and I just do not think people want to read that. Besides it is not original that Alana spends too much time at work and starts abusing drugs, whilst the stay at home Dad meets Mothers whilst parenting. Also the Prince Robot story is far from interesting even though it will land on Alana and Marko’s front door. The art is still good but now the swearing and sexual scenes are just tiresome and not shocking at all. I still think it’ll pick up because I trust in BKV’s storytelling but at present it is just your regular late night soap story, much like Alana’s tv show. There were a few other relatively decent books that didn’t make the list. From an X-Men perspective I did not plug Wolverine and the X-Men and Storm, but not because the stories weren’t decent, but because the art did nothing for me. I often buy books just for the art and it is a shame with W&XM because its rather a solid arc, similar to Storm as Pak’s writing was not as ugly as the faces in the book. Thor & Loki suffer a similar fate because, though the story is contrived, it is a nice enough plot but Ribic returns to his old ways of murkiness and darkness. Both Flash and Batman & Robin were almost filler issues that left me wanting more, quite surprising given my love for Tomasi and Gleason. That is enough whining for this week, lets get to the good stuff!


Batman33Batman #33

What a great ending to a superb story. I already tweeted that this book did not need to be a year long, but I guess the middle arc had to be a dry filler to make the city feel abandoned. The art is wonderful as always and Snyder gives a warmth to Bruce that few people can capture. Its a lighter and more emotional version of Bruce’s origin and I really rather liked it.


Wonder Woman (2011-) 033-000Wonder Woman #33

I am so in love with Chiang’s art that I could stare at it all day and his covers are always original in style. The story takes quite a horrific turn and provides a sense of an endgame. I especially admire Diana’s resilience in the face of supreme danger and the violence is so gruesomely depicted.



2014-07-23 07-42-43 - Superman (2011-) 033-000Superman #33

I quite liked the story of this book and I think it has potential to be quite original and inspiring. The final scenes were quite touching and a lovely reflection of Clark’s own story. I am still not sold on JRJR’s art because it runs hot and cold when viewed from various distances. In any case it is a welcome change to the book I stopped buying long ago.



Deadpool-032-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Deadpool #32

Though I do not enjoy the artwork too much, I still enjoy the writing and humour. This particular issues sees a coming together of previous arcs that are quite personal to Deadpool, namely his daughter. It is a risky story to play because it can potentially be appalling constructed. However I look forward to Daddy daughter tales.



Daredevil (2014-) 006-000Daredevil #6

This book will always be fantastic and the story of Sister Maggie being arrested is very intriguing. The revelation from Original Sin leads Murdock to the truth about his father, but deals with it sensibly and not heavy handedly. Rodriguez does a solid job on art, filling in for Samnee.



All-New Invaders (2014-) 008-000All New Invaders #8

Pugh draws classical heroes very well indeed and Robinson is no stranger to carving out good character histories. This combination works supremely well with Pugh providing the drawings. It is also fascinating stuff reading about fictional takes on real events in the Second World War.




Zero 009-000Zero #9

This book is quite phenomenal as we finally get to witness the creation of our central protagonist. The final pages are good examples of a life Agent Zero could never really have avoided. Fantastic writing and solid artwork.



Empire-Velvet 006-000Velvet #6

Even though it is a filler issue, it is a damn good one. The art is so aesthetic and Breitweiser’s colouring truly brings life to the book. The story is a little stifled but lends for more deep secrets and the return to the home of Velvet.



Revival 022 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Revival #22

Okay this book horrified me and that is why I am recommending it to you all. The story is always well paced and full content and the art is always pretty and dynamic. This issue took the violence to the extreme and allowed Revival to be the horror comic we all know it wanted to be.



Trees 003-000Trees #3

Another sub story is taken up by Ellis and it is so incredibly well done. The art is superb as we have completely different palettes and unique environments. We learn a little more about a couple of characters and are left intrigued. It doesn’t read great as a single comic but as a long story it will make more sense.

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