Cover of the Week 30/7 – Outcast #2 by Paul Azaceta

Outcast 002 (2014) (Digital-Empire)001Heavy is the head that hangs in failure. Disappointment and a ominous path lies ahead on this incredible cover to the comic Outcast. The page almost puts you off buying the book because it appears so bleak. Our protagonist sits on the chair despondent with bloodied hands peering from whence he came. Unfortunately that direction sees splatters of blood leading further into the darkness. As the pattern of the blood stains reveal eyes and swirls, we wonder whether a demonic element is at hand. This becomes more obvious when we see the book held by the comforting man in the suit. The Holy Bible stamps the religious themes to the book and hints at possession and exorcism. Then the theme takes an wicked turn because the seated figure may have been successful in ridding a satanic habitation and he is simply exhausted at his efforts. The artistic merits to this cover are numerous, especially from a shading and angulation perspective. We peer from the dark into the bleak light to view these characters. They habit one half of the cover and are lit from the kitchen door to the side. This provides the effect that we look from the shadows at our saviours exasperated and in need of rejuvenation. The reflections of light and dark are incredibly well rendered by Elizabeth Breitweiser, as she is able to effectively use a few shards of light. The blood droplets are purposely bright to induce terror into a fearful enough darkened environment. As we gaze forward to our salvation, we dare to look over our shoulder, at our inevitable damnation.

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