The Theatre List 6/8 – The Magnus opus of Declan Shalvey

I had another enjoyable week in the world of comics but there are a couple of things I need to get off my chest. Given my blanket policy to review positively, these few sentences are my space to vent my rage. Firstly I really enjoy Pak’s Superman but unless you are reading all of the titles in this bloody Doomed story, which I was until everyone in the history of the universe pitched up, following your book loyally gets you nowhere. I had no clue what Action Comics was about and I just want Greg Pak back with Clark. Secondly I wanted to talk about Lazarus which is a book I rarely give attention to. I have never reviewed this book because there is something always holding me back. I cannot work out if it is just the grim view of the future, or that there are no characters that I like, except for Forever. Her character has taken so long to develop and yet we still have no real maturation in her actions. This weeks issue in particular was about a member of the Carlyle family, not a pleasant one but perhaps receiving his comeuppance. It didn’t interest me at all and I found it generally unpleasant from a plot perspective, however Lark’s art keeps me reading. Last and most important was New Avengers. I cannot recall this book ever not making the list, because it is by far and away the best book of the Hickman run. I had a large issue with this and that was of consistency. This is by far the first world they have destroyed, and just because the others may have already been dead or infested should not make it any easier to destroy. There was only one man who had the gusto to pull the trigger and I was just waiting for him to do it. However the reactions to this inevitable action was ridiculous because since issue 1, and we are on 22, the idea of destroying a world has been discussed and carried out. There was no choice, everyone knew that, don’t back out now because you lost the bottle. Even if you were not the one to pull the trigger, do not vilify the man that did. I just did not understand after all the rhetoric and designing we end up with a comic that should’ve been placed at the very beginning of the run, where the morality was still an issue. Anyway Namor is my hero.


Grayson (2014-) 002-000Grayson #2

There is something so fluid and dynamic about the art and I cannot work out who did what, given the three names listed as credits. I like seeing Dick in action because he moves so sweetly and realistically. The colours are vibrant and alive giving a breath of fresh air to an apparent bat book. The plot is reasonable and well written and I fully expect Seeley to deliver further.


Detective Comics (2011-) 034-000Detective Comics #34

The plot is an interesting one because I am not entirely sure it delivers with satisfaction. There were aspects I like especially involving Bullock but it was the art and colouring that I enjoyed the most. Gotham is lit by the smallest of lights and its a welcome change to the terribly dark days of old.




Original Sin - Thor & Loki 003-000Thor & Loki #3

I very much like Aaron and Ewing on this book because they deliver on an epic level but also on a personal level. The twist is interesting but nothing novel but nonetheless its written well. The art is very hit and miss for me because Bianchi is terribly murky once again but Garbett is decent throughout. It is a mixed bag but the plot is a good read.



Rocket Raccoon (2014-) 002-000Rocket Raccoon #2

Like I mentioned previously, there is literally no other artist that could pull of the menacing but little nature of Rocket. The story is fun and making good progress and I liked how Groot was introduced, even though it was a little nauseating. Now I have seen Guardians I am so impressed by the prison break out montage sequence. This book is funny, pretty and a solid read.


She-Hulk (2014-) 007-000She-Hulk #7

This issue really brought out the strengths in Pulido’s work as we get to see some great action and some visual effects. The colours and vibrancy of the pencils bear out the zany caper theme of the book. The twists and turns are well rendered and I like the realistic law suit plot lines.



The Superior Foes of Spider-Man 014 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Superior Foes of Spider-Man #14

Check out my entry for Aaron Meyer’s Honour Roll!



Black Widow (2014-) 009-000Black Widow #9

This issue saw much the same as previous ones – an excellent plot, slow revealing secrets about Natasha and the most fantastic art out there today. This was seemingly a crossover with Punisher but was really a viewpoint from two different “heroes”. It was a nice idea but ultimately Im not sure what impact it made, especially on the Punisher side.



Original Sin - Hulk vs. Iron Man 004-000Hulk vs Iron Man #4

What a culmination to the book. I am amazed at how Gillen and Waid brought together one of the most well known origin stories and incorporated Iron Man into it without it being forced or contrived. It was such a delicate ending and subtle story that I was left in awe of the writers. This is by far the best thing to come out of Original Sin.



Moon Knight (2014-) 006-000Moon Knight #6

Simply breathtaking. I described this as Declan Shalvey’s Magnus Opus and he agreed. There is nothing else to say.





Nailbiter 004 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Nailbiter #4

There is something about this book that sets it apart. I think it is the tension that is built as our main protagonists are bring hunted. The Nailbiter serial killer is quite unique and a Hannibal Lector jokes goes a long way. Lovely art, interesting story, lots of suspense with a chilling twist.



Alex + Ada 008-000Alex + Ada #8

Honestly one of the most impressively drawn books out there. Luna has that incredibly ability to draw emotions from the tiniest use of pencils. I have no idea how he does it but the characters’ expressions do almost all of the taking. Its heartbreaking and really has a novel take on the AI motif.



Spread 002 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Spread #2

I just love the crazy post apocalyptic story and the idea that a little baby may be its salvation, its a little trite but the horror tone of the art makes it less so. Justin Jordan does a great job in progressing the plot and developing this new environment. Strahm art is visually stunning, especially the violent bits but still pulls off the sweet baby expressions.

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