The Theatre List 13/8 – Gerry Duggan, Gerry Duggan, Gerry Duggan

Unfortunately not, because though he had three books out this week, I can only recommend Batman. I have had some trouble with Hulk for a little while, and many people may like the more aggressive and cerebral Bruce that Waid instigated, but it doesn’t resonate with me. Duggan’s work is heading in a similar fashion but this time with Hulk, or should I say Doc Green. Its reasonable but Im not enjoying it. This is similar to Deadpool which seems to have become rather ugly, I honestly struggled to recognise Agent Preston and Deadpool seems to have gotten very serious. The humour has disappeared and it has taken a rather paternalistic tone, though this was to be expected given the lost child storyline. However his Batman title was still great so his quality does appear on this list. Original Sin was extremely dull and I have no idea what the difference is between Fury being undercover saving the world, compared to all the other superheroes on the planet. I think it is to do with him murdering but that is not very obvious. Quite surprising given that it is Jason Aaron. All New X-Men suffered the same problems as it always does, too much rambling and teen angst and Wolverine has become a very run of the mill title. Anyway onto the good stuff!


BM_Cv34_53724e876972f3.29883380Batman #34

To call this a filler issue is to do it an injustice. It was great to Scalera on art, making Bruce appear less refined and less perfect. Duggan wrote an exceptional story with good detective work for a villain that seems to come straight out of the tv show Hannibal!



4014473-avenworld2014011_dc11_lr-page-001Avengers World #11

We carry on the ridiculous roller coaster rider that is Spencer’s brainchild as we fight every type of foe possible! But even better we see the Avenger babies in action! It is an exciting story I give you that and the art is solid throughout.



SM20992014002-DC11-LR-5e953Spider-Man 2099 #2

Peter David is returning to fantastic form by taking on a character that he seems to really have a grip for. The smaller number of characters allow him to fully develop his heroes and Miguel is pretty tough and a no nonsense hero. He brings humour to the book with an added personal touch. Sliney is solid on art.



X-Force-008-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001X-Force #8

Make sure you read my interview with Simon Spurrier later this week. X-Force took a completely different direction as we see the fighting in Wajiristan from the viewpoint of a journalist. It reminds me of the tv show Generation Kill but the protagonists that show up are our believed superheroes. Its am exceptionally gritty portrayal of war and a brave concept to deliver to a mainstream X-book. Excellent art from Kim.


marvel-avengers-undercover-issue-8Avengers Undercover #8

Admittedly I was shocked to see that this book has moved further into the future, by three months. I am not sure I fully buy into the subterfuge element of the book because as far as I can tell, these heroes are just acting as villains for the world to see. However Hopeless is true to his characters and their interactions are intense and revealing. I do miss our regular Walker artist.


Sex Criminals 007 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Sex Criminals #7

Check out my review!




Shutter_05-1Shutter #5

Check out my posting for Aaron Meyer’s Honour Roll hosted at Comicosity!




Zero #10

This was an exceptionally emotional issue because the art really does speak for itself. The dark and heavy pencils with the close up shots of a downbeat and broken Zero are upsetting. The lovely analogy of a theatre is a pertinent metaphor for the life gone and now living.



UnknownHexed #1

This comic genuinely surprised me because the more I read it, the more I loved Mora’s art. The classic black magic, demonic storyline was well rendered and solidly written. It is gruesome and exciting in all the right places and I cannot wait for more.

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