Cover of the Week 20/8 – Supreme Blue Rose #2 by Tula Lotay

Supreme Blue Rose 002-000

The ability to draw an seductive and alluring woman is by no means an easy feat. The baseline is a toned down cheesecake style for most and criticisms of this have been well documented. That is not a conversation I am about to enter into because I want to talk about how stunning Tula Lotay draws her ladies. This cover is simply so aesthetic because of the realistic way she is drawn but also her sex appeal comes from her posture. Her hair is a glorious vibrant red and flows in between curls so fluidly. Her facial features are all in proportion but her expression is fantastic, a confident marked indifference. Its quite the intimidating look and one that may scare any admirers looking across the bar. Her figure is very slender and her posture accentuates her curves. She dons a lovely aquamarine dress which is not ridiculous and skin tight, but affords her cleavage to be seen, which is not comically anti-gravity. She sits atop a stool, legs crossed with her bear arms resting on the bar. This all builds into the confidence of her character and makes her so attractive. Tula has the right balance between drawing a beautiful figure but builds her sexuality through her style. The colouring is also so complementary and everything blends into the central scene, almost as if the surrounds all emanate from the central figure. The font of the title and the crop circle effects only serve to bring additional style to the book, and generally fits together very well. Just an exquisite cover.

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