The Theatre List 20/8 – Hickman,Ellis and Morrison on fire!

Last week was a pretty great week for comics because of some exceptionally good books which included New Avengers, The Fade Out, Supreme Blue Rose and The Multiversity. We will come to those later as we discuss some of the books that failed to make the list. Magneto wrapped up its latest arc in reasonable circumstances but the art just didn’t take for me, especially seeing how I had just gotten in to Walta’s work. This was similar for Ms Marvel but I understand that Alphona is returning next issue. I thought the story was conducive to the character but the Wolverine team up did little for the overall story. I do wonder if Wilson was writing for Wyatt instead of her regular artist. Ghost Rider completely changed creators and though I did not mind the art, it failed in its ability to energise the page. I was rather enjoying Smith and Moore. A final mention goes out to Stray Bullets Killers #6. I have not read the previous incarnation of the book, and I do own the monstrous omnibus edition but I am unfamiliar to its style. It is certainly quite tense and the drama is built up superbly but it is a pretty grim tale, every issue. There are some touches of humour and self deprecation but on the whole it is pretty gritty. I do quite like it but it would have to be a very acquired taste on the whole. I am waiting an opportunity to review this to really get to grips with its motivations.


The Multiversity (2014-) 001-000The Multiversity #1

What an incredible book. Amazingly well written with some fantastic characterisations and mind bending parallel universes. It is such an exciting read and there are minimals avenues to get lost down. Quite the unexpected delight of the week, especially because Morrison can sometimes be so difficult to understand. Reis, Prado and Ruffino are on fire here.


Batman and Robin (2011-) 034-000Batman & Robin #34

It is great to see the Batman family together again, or rather their issues addressed meaningfully since Death of the Family. It served as a spectacular prelude to the hunt for Robin story as Bruce enters possibly the most dangerous world we know. The art was classically Gleason and their cohesiveness is as seamless as ever.



New Avengers (2013-) 023-000New Avengers #23

Check my review!




Daredevil (2014-) 007-000Daredevil #7

Once again a fantastic issue and one of the better uses of Original Sin. The father & mother & son issues are resolved here and it is done in quite the poignant and touching way. The sins of the mother are quite interesting and develop her backstory all the more, with Matt learning more about her than ever before. I must make note that Rodriguez is a fantastic artist, worthy of Daredevil, and keeps the book tonally on track.


Secret Avengers (2014-) 007-000Secret Avengers #7

It was great to see Kot tackle Deadpool and I think he handled him quite well. Perhaps it was a little too fourth wall breaking but it was humorous nonetheless. The conspiracy angle carries on with Jessica suffering the torment of the intellectual bomb, but I feel we are coming to a head with the revelation of secrets. Walsh is excellent on art once again.


Elektra (2014-) 005-000Elektra #5

The arc wrapped up in a sensible fashion given the crazed nature of the story. It wasn’t so much an anti-climax but a slow decline in momentum but artistically the book flew ever so high. Such an enjoyable and ethereal read and I am excited for more.


Supreme Blue Rose 002-000Supreme Blue Rose #2

I am thoroughly enjoying this book because Lotay’s art is beautiful to look at and quite superlunary in nature. The story is quite difficult to follow at present but with Ellis you know there will be a worthy pay off. I loved the idea of a writer meeting his inspiration in a bar, who came to him again at the end of his time. Its a wonderful metaphor for life.



The Wicked + The Divine 003 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001The Wicked + The Divine #3

The actual story at play is as good as your guess as mine. However the art is cool and the writing is suitably fantastical at times. There is a lovely scene where Cassandra goes through a list of potential suspects and Luci gives her thoughts through a proxy conversation with Laura. Its a great writing tool.



ManifestDestiny_09-1Manifest Destiny  #9

I shall be reviewing this book later in the week!




Trees 004-000Trees #4

Since the first issue, we have see subsequent issues tackle the various scenarios introduced in the first. This time it is Tian’s time to shine as we see how he ventures entering the walled off town. I love Howard’s art as he draws so whimsically and yet grittily when needed. The story is making headway but it is a slow process, I can appreciate the dissatisfaction some readers have for this method of storytelling.


FadeOutThe Fade Out #1

Just glorious in every way. Brubaker on point with his plot and characters, especially with the suspense and mystery themes. It is great to see it a little more gumshoe rather than horror. Phillips is glorious with his 40s LA environment, which seems to be so second nature to him. Breitweiser is fantastic in colouring the darker recesses of the murderous mystery it portrays.

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