Cover of the Week 24/9 – Low #3 by Greg Tocchini

Low 003-000

Just stare there and let the colours and movement mesmerise you. It is almost as if you are staring into the sea and the flickers of blue, green, reds and yellows exist but for a brief moment. This is what this cover makes me feel as you struggle to make out what it is you are exactly looking at, and as you do the shapes transform into something you failed to notice before. Its so beautiful to look at and you can get lose in all the wonderment. This is the effect the book also brings out and makes a spectacular effort in bringing the world to life. This underwater scene features a female diver in an extravagant divers suit that merges in with its surroundings. The colours are a glorious orange and white which is a lovely accompaniment to the colours of the sea. The areas of brightness and specks of white bring depth to the picture and and little bit of hope to the murky depths. With the sharp teeth of snarling fish, there is a menacing element to the cover but the serenity of our central character delivers some safety to her actions. The upside down nature of the picture must serve to bring the lightness and floating of diving and to bear out a degree of surrealism. Tocchini is an incredibly talented artist and his grasp in colouring really adds texture to his work. This comic is worth buying alone for the way it brings some calmness to your day, as you stare into the abyss.

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