The Theatre List 24/9 – How did DC sneak in there?

An odd week for Marvel given that only two of their books made the list, even odder is that there were three DC books! Im not overtly invested in Deadpool and even though I like the ground they are covering with his daughter, the story and art is pretty run of the mill. Both Guardians and Loki showed some promise but I don’t feel the story was executed as well as it could’ve been. I have given Ghost Rider a second chance but I really struggle to understand the new art work and it is just not as good to look at. The story remains interesting and I would like to observe its progression. I was sad to see Mighty Avengers finish because on the whole it has been a great book with a well developed cast. The final story was not up to much and so it peters out unfortunately. The Superman Doomed story ended in a lacklustre fashion, not that I was surprised in any way because I seem to berate it on a weekly basis. Let us see what made the list.


Red-Lanterns---Futures-End-001-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Red Lanterns: Future’s End #1

Check what I wrote for Aaron Meyer’s honour roll at



Flash-Futures-End-1The Flash: Future’s End #1

I cannot work out if it is seeing a new Wally in a Flash outfit that does it for me, or the way the story ties in nicely to the latest arc. In any case this is probably one of the few books that doesn’t feel forced into a five year story. That is because the time travelling gives a glimpse into the future of the current arc. Great art from Brett Booth.



FuturesEndSinestroSinestro: Future’s End #1

Cullen Bunn has been excelling on his solo books and this is no exception, especially when he brings Sinestro into the future and has him develop a story that makes complete sense. It is not just a gimmick to see an alternate lantern costume colour but a perfect way of obtaining vengeance for Sinestro. Great work.


New-Avengers-24-Cover-9187dNew Avengers #24

Check my review coming this week!




4116433-08Secret Avengers #8

As I have said before, Ales Kot is the future. This book is brilliant in its storytelling, especially with slow reveals and flashbacks to the past. We explore the rationale in hiring Modok and also his secret plans, with a brilliant twist at the end. Such as incredibly fun and clever book with a hint of romance.


Low 003-000Low #3

I described how much I loved the art here: The key to this book is the wonderful artwork and the tiny bit of hope we have learnt to cling on to in a world full of despair and desperation. The orgy scenes are actually quite hideous and there is nothing attractive about this world but the central protagonist brings sentiment and a small chance for a future, as she drags her son into the light.


OutcastByKirkmanAzaceta_04Outcast #4

I really enjoy this book because Azaceta is an artist who is flying right now. It is horribly dark and bleak and fits the environment cast by Kirkman. The story is making headway and the curse of a male character is slowly coming to fruition as we begin to find out more and more about the past. It is an incredibly atmospheric book.



Saga_23Saga #23

This issue was nothing spectacular but the story is making some headway and it has finally become more interesting. As the marriage starts to break we see the strains build up to a ridiculous peak and we witness how vulnerable Marko, Alana and Hazel actually are. The art is still fantastic.

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