The Theatre List 1/10 – A strong showing throughout!

There were a huge number of comics out last week, explaining why there have a number of them recommended. The Godhead Lantern story kicked off with some novel story concepts which actually make sense in the grand scheme of the DC universe. The opener was well written and looked great despite the multiple artists. I had an issue with the fact that every ring bearer seemed to lose their battles without even trying, especially my favourite green lantern. Are we really to assume that in the hierarchy of big bad guys, the New Gods are to feature at the very top? I thought we had enough evil villains as it was. The follow up issue of GL was of similar suit but was more a recanting of the set up and once again saw the lanterns in plight. I wouldn’t mind if they caught a break and did not seem incompetent, because they are a complete mess as it is. There was not enough story of exploration for me to recommend it alone. I had a couple of concerns with Uncanny Avengers, one I can assure you was not Acuna’s art. Given the experiences shared between Scarlet Witch, Rogue and Magneto, so they really pass judgement so easily on a man willing to kill for the greater good? And then to be completely forgotten about it when the Red Skull turns into a ridiculous plot twist? It is not good writing and unnecessarily naive character exposition. Black Widow failed to make the list because as incredible Noto’s art is, it fails to overcome the repetitiveness of the story. We have seen Natasha fight a number of assassins only to lose sight of the real target, who remains unknown. Despite the numerous guest stars, it is not enough to keep the story interesting, and is why this book does not feature here for the first time. I just cannot get into Justice League again and I am wondering if it is because I have gone off John’s writing. I just have no faith in the Batman, Superman, Lex dynamic and it is a missed opportunity not to do it properly. I don’t want to see surprise characters and twists, there is enough material to work with, without bringing new people into the fray. Death of Wolverine is still pretty tame and the journey around the world in four issues is almost complete, with great thankfulness because I have had enough. Phew!


2014-10-01 07-24-42 - Green Lantern-New Gods - Godhead (2014-) 001-000Godhead #1

As above!




Action Comics (2011-) 035-000Action Comics #35

I don’t think I have read a better Superman in the new 52, especially when it comes to an introspective look at his motivations and how he affects those around him. Despite not enjoying Doomed, I am liking this aftermath issue and thesis on the role of the big boy scout himself. Kolins draws a simply beautiful book with little complication with lovely highlights upon eyes and emotions.


Swamp Thing 35 (2014) (Digital-Empire)001Swamp Thing #35

The idea of the machines rising is a refreshing one, and once I cannot recall in recent times. The contrast to the green is stark and surprisingly threatening as Alec had a very intriguing conversation with a representative of the machines. Saiz’s art is exceptional especially in exaggerating the fragility of the Green.



Wonder Woman (2011-) 034-000Wonder Woman #34

As the series draws to an end we finally see some repercussions of the endgame. The prophecy is finally being fulfilled and the characters are living up to their destinies. I cannot wait to see why Zeke is so important and Chiang’s art is as glorious as ever, especially for the more demonic figures.



Gotham Academy (2014-) 001-000Gotham Academy #1

What a glorious book. A great story full of the classic themes of a school populated by young teens, with a central character who is a little indrawn with secrets to keep and a natural voice. The art is beautiful and has a lovely blend of comic cartoon exaggeration but quite marked emotional honesty. It doesn’t even pay much lip service to Bruce or Gotham either, thankfully.


Bucky Barnes - The Winter Soldier (2014-) 001-000Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #1

The concept of this book is crazy enough for Ales to write and bonkers enough for Rudy to draw. Hence the ridiculous space aliens and giant sniper rifles are well described and bizarrely drawn. There are some very interesting panel ideas and creative story delivery. I am unsure whether it will continue to remain coherent but Im excited to find out.


thor-1-e1412361702122Thor #1

Dauterman’s art is quite impressive as he takes over the reigns to Aaron’s Thor. His depiction of a desperate Thor is quite upsetting and touching. Aaron sets out his stall and subtly changes recent continuity to allow his story to be told. The script is solid and the final pages impress an excitement which is far from a surprise. The thoughts of Jason Aaron are written in the back and they bring an interesting foundation to the plot to come.


Silver Surfer (2014-) 006-000Silver Surfer #6

Fantastic. Watch out for my review later this week.




Captain America (2012-) 025-000Captain America #25

It is a little twee and tries a little to hard to be funny, but it is all about unveiling a new Cap. Pacheco draws a gorgeous Falcap and the splash page is particularly impress. I am quite sad about how Jet was handled because it was too obvious a heel turn, especially considering how well her character has developed since she left Dimension Z.



Moon Knight (2014-) 008-000Moon Knight #8

The concept was interesting and I did enjoy seeing the whole comic from a mobile phone, even though it became a little tiresome. I am trying my hardest to forget the previous incarnation of this book but this kept me interested for a little while longer.


The Fade Out 002-000The Fade Out #2

Just brilliant. The seedy underworld of Hollywoodland could not be better exposed than by Brubaker and Phillips. I do hope that Breitweiser becomes recognised as the essential colourist in this creative team in due time, because her art is so important to the story telling. As the murder of a starlet yet to be discovered remains covered, the key characters are plagued by their guilt. It is well drawn and well told, each and every time.


ratqueens08_coveraRat Queens #8

Violet’s backstory is a fantastic blend of traditional sexism and weird hairiness. It is a classic tale of a strong female trying to break the confines of her archaic family ways. However it is superbly drawn and written with enough personalisation to make it stand out from this classic theme. Too many beards though.



Alex + Ada 009-000Alex + Ada #9

Check out my review!

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