Cover of the Week 15/10 – Supreme Blue Rose #4 by Tula Lotay

Supreme - Blue Rose 004-000
I described the brilliance of Tula Lotay a couple of months ago when the second Supreme Blue Rose was cover of the week. That was regarding her ability to draw more realistically alluring women, this time it is for her ability to create amazing depth in an older male character. Her skills as an artist truly shine when drawing people, any people. Her series of covers link together to produce a landscape picture of a cast drinking together. Each person is completely unique and well crafted. This very much applies to the above gentlemen, who goes by the name Doc Rocket. Not your usual cover model but an older black guy with unmanageable hair and a space suit, sitting holding a libation. The usual crop circle design resonates with the other covers but there is a pink theme running throughout. Rocket has a rather cynical and unimpressed glance as he stares towards you, this is despite the fact he has goggles on his head and a pink paint splattered suit on. Whatever you have to say about him, does not concern him and he has probably already heard it before. It is the details on his face that really bear out his age and demeanour. The straggly afro hair, the wispy moustache hair, the wrinkled forehead and his rather gaunt look bring out the above thoughts about his persona. I think the most important effect Tula manages to convey is the lack of fullness and slight dragging of his cheek skin and the thinning of his neck. This shows his age but also how worn out he has become from the adventures he clearly has been undertaking. There is so much texture to this image that you can just stare at him and ponder. It’s a stunning cover of a somewhat unconventional model.

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