The Theatre List 8/10 – Cynicism catching up with ya?

Though there were a huge number of great books, I neglected to put on Batman or Axis onto this list. Axis was the usual Marvel big event with too many characters watered down in a big fight scene, with little character exposition or story narrative. The art was impressive but the gimmicks of seeing a Skull Onslaught and bad Iron Men is far from enough to satiate my appetite. Perhaps I am just too cynical these days, only time will tell. Batman posed a couple of concerns, firstly artistically where I thought the use of powers were poorly manifested by Capullo. It just didn’t feel powerful enough but perhaps that was because Batman was too strong in his defence. I appreciate he is able to meticulously defend against all opponents, however this issue made him into the greatest hero of all time. A single member of the League perhaps? But never all of them at once. I also found there was a rather generic facade to the League, even with Wonder Woman’s face, it felt similar to Bruce’s, a little odd. Despite there being a number of creator owned books on this list, Sex Criminals was not among them. The book has firmly failed to gather any interest for me in the characters or the story, it seems rather banal to be honest. The letters section is by far the best part of this book and I feel worth the price of the comic in itself. That is enough whining!


Batgirl-035-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Batgirl #35

This comic had a very Scott Pilgrim feel to it, with respect to young adults hanging out dealing with the frivolous times of finding yourself at that age. In other words a completely different change in direction to Simone’s Babs, if you can handle that then you will enjoy this book. There are a few other issues but they can be forgiven in this genuinely refreshing opener.


Rocket Raccoon (2014-) 004-000Rocket Raccoon #4

The story is actually very amusing, especially when the killer bunnies appear but the art is what takes this book off the shelves. Young is fantastic at caricaturist art and the subtle touches of comedy, especially with a character like Rocket. I look forward to more.



4143640-36Avengers #36

I have yet to really sit down and work out what is happening with this book, but that doesn’t mean the book isn’t actually quite exciting and turning the Marvel universe on its head. Really enjoying seeing the zebra kids as adults and the sense of dangerous adventure that Hyperion and Thor embark upon. Great story writing.



The Punisher (2014-) 011-000The Punisher #11

This book is moving from strength to strength as Edmondson slowly builds an intricate gangster story that has taken shape without you even realising it. Gerads art is also very impressive as he has quite a refined pencil for the angst of Frank and the violence around him. Wilson’s work on the colouring sets a very specific tone to the scene. Excellent work throughout


25672X #18

I am genuinely surprised that I have kept buying this book since it began, to the point where I really should stop being so. The main character X manages to maintain his resolve through unspeakable horrors, especially in this particular issue. Nguyen is similarly gruesome in his artwork and perfectly accompanies Swierczynski’s writing. It is a grittier more violent Batman.



Copperhead 002-000Copperhead #2

An impressive second issue to a book that features a new Sheriff in town, who is ready to make an impact. It starts as a classic trope but the action is great and the themes of her initial confrontation carry a level of personal depth easily conveyed to the reader. It already makes you quite nervous as her children go missing.



STK651135Annihilator #2

Expected bonkerness from the mind of Morrison and equally disturbing but quite realistic art from Irving. The story is actually quite dramatic as a writer sees his characters come to life. It is very difficult to tell what is real and what is not, especially when Irving draws his characters so enigmatically and seemingly detached from the real world.



The Manhattan Projects 024-000Manhattan Projects #24

Hickman finally takes on the assassination of JFK in fantastic MP style. There is little more needed to be said.




Punks - The Comic 001-000Punks – The Comic #1

A surreal and crazy comic about nothing at all. However it is a lot of fun and the cut and past artwork is just so impressive to view. It is based upon a previous incarnation of a couple of creators rolling with an insane story, unleashing their creativeness.



BSCIENCE009_CovBlack Science #9

Not the best issue by a long shot but the children’s story is brilliant and the twist at the end makes it all worthwhile. Once again it must be emphasised that the artwork in this book is some of the best you will see in this modern era. Please buy this book.



Wytches 001-000Wytches #1

Check out my Cover of the Week description for an idea of how Jock makes this book terrifying. The story is suitably scary but the end of the prologue is where it is quite disturbing. If you like suspense and fear then this is the book you need to be reading.



Imperial 003-000Imperial #3

This comic has grown on me as the issues past because the main character is refreshingly comedic and realistically stupid. The story of a normal man becoming a superhero is not a new one, but Mark is not a loser in life but a regular joe. This is where the book doesn’t insult it’s reader and builds on a realistic protagonist and makes for interesting and amusing reading.

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