The Theatre List 15/10 – The axis of superbad crossovers

The anger and bitterness over yet another pointless crossover seems to feed into all of the allied books. Axis #2 was not a great book, the art is good to look at but, aside from attack scenes and spirit geeing, there is little else. The ending is really unexciting and crosses into the Magneto and Loki books. Although they are related to this overriding plot, they are at least better comic books but not as good as the normal issues. It is such a shame that decent books fall victim to these crossovers but this isn’t exactly something new. Uncanny X-Men was a decent enough book but not quite enough for recommendation. The story is making good progress but the exciting new mutant has them over a barrel and the potential resolution is not anything surprising and really should not work. There is an interesting example of inking and colouring with this book because the same artist has five inkers and two colourists. There is a different feel to almost every scene and though it ruins the book somewhat, it is amazing to see how important the craft of these creators is. Avengers World came to a sad end this week and though I have thoroughly enjoyed the run, the ending does seem to be in the rushed side. When the plot was so thoroughly built and involved so many components, to just have the good guys win without no clever ideas or tactics makes me sad. I know the Avenger kids will be an idea followed up upon, but their impact was far from significant. Finally I wanted to discuss Trees because as a comic it is a solid and impress book, but the individual issues are merely so so. There were some touching scenes regarding new loves and sexuality which I really enjoyed but the story does not knit together, and I am certain this is because it is supposed to be read as a graphic novel.


c8b54c2a-ecf0-4f67-83ea-72d2b724db90Batman & Robin #35

Though the resurrection storyline has been taking its time, the news that Damian will return has everyone really excited. Tommasi and Gleason have been amazing together and the story they have told about Bruce and his son are the best that have been written. This issue was great because it saw the Bat family together again and it was so great to see. The importance of this Bat book is never as highly estimated as it should be.


New Avengers (2013-) 025-000New Avengers #25

This book is simply so exciting because it really blurs the regular lines of good and bad. This is the most realistic portrayal of true super heroism, as it builds on the idea of the cleverest knowing what’s best for others. Now we are years down the line and our protagonists have given the job of destroying world’s to the cabal, their undercover mission is quite compelling.


00dHulk #7

Even though I do not enjoy the name Doc Green, I am happy to see an intelligent Hulk again. He seems to be a completely new character and his mission of removing the gamma monsters from this world is also very fresh. His reconciliation with Skaar was very well written and quite enjoyable from an overall story level.



The Superior Foes of Spider-Man 016 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001Superior Foes of Spider-Man #16

Check out my Comicosity entry!




Daredevil 009-000Daredevil #9

Check out my post this week!




portrait_incredibleMs Marvel #9

Another great issue featuring the awesome Alphona back on art. The story now moves towards the Inhuman element which was always inevitable seeing as the terrigen mists brought Kamala’s new found powers. Good story, excellent script and beautiful art.


Supreme - Blue Rose 004-000Supreme Blue Rose #4

This story is so crazy that it almost makes sense, as expected with Warren Ellis. The characters are quite novel and are appearing to fit together into a single story. I discussed the wonder of Tula’s art in my cover of the week – Her work continues in strength throughout the book, and though the sparkled light effect is a little irritating, it doesn’t ruin the feel of the book.


Manifest-Destiny-011-(2014)-(Digital-Empire)-001Manifest Destiny #11

The horror and terror of this book continue in fantastic fashion but bring about some story resolution as we end the arc. The way the characters develop, especially in times of desperation is really well depicted. The slaying of the frog monster was truly spectacular and a sight to behold.



The October Faction 001-000The October Faction #1

Steve Niles is quite the impressive writer and his Addam’s family approach to a cast of gothic powered family members is well produced. The story is well written and quite fresh but the art is superb with wonderful use of the darkness. It has a fearsome feel to it and this opener is a joy to read.



Deadly Class 008 (2014) (Digital-Empire)001Deadly Class #8

A review will be posted this week!

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