The Theatre List 22/10 – My relationship with DC slowly withers away…

It appears to be a week of average comic books, many that were reasonable to read but not to recommend. I find it interesting that the Godhead start features multiple rings being stolen and fights half finished. That was the exact case for Red Lanterns #35 which ended abruptly when it was going quite well storywise. The Flash finally saw the two Barry’s meeting and fighting, though Im sure we saw some of this before and it wasn’t that great then. Im not sure what to expect really but what I do know is that, when John’s wrote these epic time travelling tales it was fun and exciting. This story ended with a whimper with the cruel fate to a character we all used to know and we all used to love, oh how terrible DC treat us. Axis took another ridiculous turn as for some reason the X-Men just don’t trust the Avengers to do things properly. Given how they seem to save the world a lot and they are headed up by an older Steve Rogers, it does beg the question of why they just can’t get along. I mean seriously, it just ridiculous. Now Catwoman, I can appreciate the angle they are trying to sell with Selina but frankly this latest issue was just extremely long and boring. I wish to make one final comment about Stray Bullets which finished it’s Killers arc with issue 8. It is such a strange book and I struggle to work out if I enjoy reading it. It is certainly exciting and the characters are exaggerated real life persona’s but everyone just seems to be a bastard. There is no one person that is likeable and the final page just served to necessarily twist the knife in your back. I am unsure whether I see any real worth to to the book that seems to just tell a story about the unjust world we live in, even if it is quite well written.


She-Hulk (2014-) 009-000She-Hulk #9

I think that law themed books are particularly a strong suit of Soule’s, and not just because he works in the industry. He is able to keep the script free of jargon but create interesting cases that are easy to follow. This one took in some excellent twists and Pulido’s art is on point as expected. There is a little contrivance because you have to make it interesting, hence why she is facing Matt Murdock on the opposing panel, but we can accept that!


X-Force-011-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001X-Force #11

Spurrier has a take on Fantomex that is quite unique and pays attention to the fact he is only a third of the person he once was. This explains his recent actions and his downright unpleasantness. The art is pretty cool but difficult to digest at times and there is a great twist at the end.



Avengers (2012-) 037-000Avengers #37

I do really like this post Illuminati world that now exists with SHIELD as it’s semi-peacekeepers. The idea that the old guard are on the run is quite an exciting one and we still have no idea what is happening with Rogers and Stark. The twists and turns are quite exciting and I do really wonder what the end game will entail. There is a part of me that wonders if this will actually come together.


Secret Avengers (2014-) 009-000Secret Avengers #9

Check out my thoughts at Aaron Meyer’s Honour Roll!


Zero 011-000Zero #11

I love this story just so much and Agent Zero has now left the agency, and pursuing his own happiness. He is completely aware, as is his partner that their lives are very much constantly in danger. The art is gritty and quite rough but fits so wonderfully in the treacherous snowy climates.



The Wicked + The Divine 005-000The Wicked + The Divine #5

This comic isn’t quite as poignant as the Phonograms but it is still an exciting read and glorious to look at. The colouring and art are so pretty and aesthetic, with the simplicity of McKelvie’s pencils and the clarity of Wilson’s colour. The story is making headway but I find myself not really taking a liking to any of the characters, that is what bothers me.


Sheltered 012-000Sheltered #12

This issue is just brilliant and the slow paced work of the previous eleven issues is now beginning to pay off. Finally the kids of Safe Haven have been found out by adults and they are on their way. The terrifying nature of these teens is really well drawn by Christmas and the final page is the most iconic of the series. The excitement cometh.



00aEdward Scissorhands #1

This was quite an intriguing comic, mainly because I really like the art and its comicky nature. The characters appear a little childlike but the fantasy part of this story welcomes it. The myth of Edward is beginning its development and for the most it is done well. I do enjoy watching him handle his solitude but sadly there wasn’t too much story exposition in this opener.


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