Cover of the Week 22/10 – Avengers #37 by Jamie McKelvie

Avengers (2012-) 037-000

In a very Orwellian style, Avengers #37 presents quite the threatening cover featuring one of the most beloved female leads. One of Captain Marvel’s key traits is that of kindness and amiability but McKelvie has manage to completely remove those from this picture. In fact she is almost devoid of any positive affectations at all as she stares straight on in an intimidating pose. Her stature is simply that of a wide solid stance in perfect symmetry, with hands on hips ready to deliver a lecture on appropriate behaviour. She appears motionless with a defunct affect and the whites of her eyes devoid of any personality. She is deliberately coloured in a grayscale version of her regular outfit that aids in removing any vibrancy from her character. In fact her hair is the only aspect of this page that has any signs of life, the blonde mohawk is in full effect as it sways in the wind. McKelvie’s ability to be so incredibly refined but simultaneously emotive is demonstrated here as not a single ink is wasted in delivering the message: This is big sister watching you. The backdrop is similarly robotic because of the masses of masked soldiers ready to patrol, showing not distinguishing features. I like how the sun’s rays shine from the behind these troops, intimating that they know what is best for you. The writing is similarly succinct but aggressive with the “you” highlighted in a bold red colour. I adore how McKelvie can deliver the message without having to overemphasise or exaggerate, but simply utilising the pose and expression of a character. It is a great portrayal of the tone of the book and how things have changed so much in such a short space of time. Jamie McKelvie’s work is always on point and to the point.

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