Cover of the Week 5/11 – Detective Comics #36 Manapul variant


It is no secret to anyone that Francis Manapul is a favourite artist of The House. His flair for the dramatic is always so easily captured and wondrously coloured. You will notice how there is such little inking on this page and it is the bright colours contrasting with the black of Batman that provide definition. Initially it was an odd match to have Manapul and Batman together because of the lighter colours in his palette, but it has only proved that he has his own unique style for the character. One that is no less than any other interpretation because the stories were well told and Bats image was fully realised. The change of locale sees Batman perching upon a departure notice, together with multiple crows. It is quite a way away from his time on buildings and gargoyles together with his bats. It is a welcome transition and pertinent for the story at hand. He is even sitting with his cowl dangling to one side and his knees bent and jutting forward emulating the posture of the crow. The rain pours down heavily and forms lovely reflecting pools on his cape and bounces off as droplets to the rest of him. Once again the lighting always make me think that the time of the day is dawn or dusk because of the reds and yellows that accompany the night sky. It often gives more texture and countenance to the central character and story. But I love the menacing glare of Bruce as he sits in the rain, outside the train station with the other crows, waiting to observe or to attack. Once again Francis Manapul proves his crow version of Batman is a glorious but intimidating watcher over us all.

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