The Theatre List 5/11 – What! A DC fightback?

As I have no interest in Spider-Man or any of the Wolverine fallout, I picked up only a couple of Marvel issues last week. Axis is still ridiculously absurd so it is not likely to ever make this list. I don’t mind the inversion story because it makes for some engaging character deviations but the build to it is almost non existent. My crossover fatigue is maintained. I actually read Superman Unchained even though I found it massively inconsistent with respect to it’s story and characters. The final pages of Lex’s speech, where he describes the importance of Superman is a little convoluted and starts with good intentions. Unfortunately it does not really fit with what is happening in the story and loses it’s poignance. The art is still superb and great to see, I think it very much depends upon how much you love Jim Lee. The independent scene has some intriguing books such as Ten Grand. I have kept with this book mainly because the twist towards the end was quite good and I liked where they were going. Now it seems to convolute and lessens the final fight impact. I think I am finally finished with it. Nailbiter was so strange because it actually featured Bendis as a guest in the actual comic. I understand the idea and I guess it is better than a random researcher coming to the town to investigate serial killers, but unfortunately it fails to come across as non self serving. The Humans was quite a gritty opener and I did enjoy the idea of ape Hell’s Angels called the Humans. The art was gorgeous but the story did not impress me, not for an opening issue anyway but it does it’s job in keeping me invested. Lets get onto the good stuff!


Action-Comics-036-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Action Comics #36

I was not a fan of this story but I am a fan of the creative team. I do not care for zombie stories but what I cannot take away from them is that the plot and dialogue is well produced and Kuder’s art is beautiful. That is why it is a comic to be read.



Swamp Thing 036 (2014) (Digital-Empire)001Swamp Thing #36

Okay it is true, I really enjoyed this book because I was happy to see Abby again. It has been far to long and I love how her skin colour is a dark blue. The tragedy of their relationship will always be upsetting and I liked how they tried to embrace without hurting one another. The rise of the machines idea is still great and I cannot wait to see where it goes.


Green-Lantern-036-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Green Lantern #36

Any writer that does justice to the Sinestro and Hal relationship will get a thumbs up from me. Venditti had them in a great conversation, making this issue for me even though the Godhead storyline really does not interest me.



Gotham Academy 002-000Gotham Academy #2

Even though the comic appears to be stills from an animated television show, it is beautiful. Though this comic is almost completely new for a DC comic type, the story is well written and I think the dynamic of unfriendly schoolchildren is reasonably well produced.


Rocket Raccoon (2014-) 005-000Rocket Raccoon #5

To do a story based upon Groot telling kids a story at a campfire is just brilliant. The art is as wondrous as ever but it has a little more to do this time because the dialogue is only the same three words. In any case I was quite happy to see a writer attempt to do a Groot story that may actually match the brilliance of the movie.



00dHulk #8

I am really beginning to enjoy this book because Doc Green is certainly a character that is new to the Hulk world. He doesn’t seem to be Hulk or Bruce but someone who is ridding the world of the evils both incarnations have left behind. Duggan is writing this book well and the twists and honesty in the Betty relationship is well produced and respected.


Velvet 008 (2014) (Digital-Empire)001Velvet #8

I just love reading this book so much. It is always spot on with its balance of espionage and twists and the action keeps it exciting enough to compensate for the lack of reveals. You have to accept that when dealing with this kind of Le Carre storyline. Epting and Breitweiser are just so amazing together and each page should be relished.



Chew 044-000Chew #44

Layman once told me that there will be an issue coming up that will be a game changer. That book is this one, as the whole cast is blown apart and there is a tragedy in the midst. The investment into the characters is the key to the shock and upset that occurs when reading this issue. It is fantastically drawn and quite graphic when it needs to be. There is an uneasy feel that wont be relieved until the arc is over.


Imperial 004-000Imperial #4

I have quite enjoyed this book because the main character is a complete doofus. He is to take over the reigns of an inherited superpower but struggles to combine his two lives. The issue plays an interesting angle at how much needs to be lost for the greater cause. It really takes an interesting angle on it and completely surprised me in a very good way.


Spread 004-000Spread #4

Kyle Strahm art is horrifically impressive. The ability to do gruesome violence but to make it look scary instead of a gorefest is a delicate art. I quite like how he draws Molly too because there is a fragility to her visage that completely matches her background story. There is a lot of fighting in this issue but the players involved are quite unique and their motivations have yet to fully be elucidated.


Tooth & Claw 001-000Tooth & Claw #1

Firstly this was a 48 page comic with no advertisements. This allowed the space and time for an epic world build by Busiek and Dewey, and what a world they create. The magical cityscapes were amazing and the characters/species are completely different to each other, making the cultural differences quite apparent. The magic aspect of the story was beautifully done and the devastation of a plan gone wrong makes this opening issue one that needs following up from.

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  1. Loving Gotham Academy because it is so different to everything else DC put out, and yes the artwork is stellar … you’re right it does actually look like stills from an animated show. Great stuff!

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