Cover of the Week 12/11 – All New Captain America #1 Alex Ross variant


It is almost upsetting to think that I have never discussed Alex Ross’ art on this blog. But to be honest I haven’t read any work of his for such a long period of time, even though his classic work will always be in my all time greats. I finally managed to find a Ross variant too and this one was particularly fantastic. It is not just his ability to actual draw superheroes as real people, but his ability to compose a cover. This page is an wonderful example of just that as he not only shows a Falcon in full graceful flight above a city, with his new uniform wielding the shield, but also the legacy it represents. This is done by the opaque flashback images of Sam Wilson seemingly holding the shield for the first time. It is a beautiful image because he looks at it with his head bowed, almost succumbing to what it actually represents. He knows all too well how important it is, because he has been inspired by the man who wielded it for so long as a soldier by his side. Even though he is wearing his goggles the feelings emanate from the page. As we gaze across to the right we visualise Steve Rogers as an old man, as he is now. Steve can no longer be the hero he once was and is in control from the sidelines. Don’t let the meek and slowed nature of a man relying on a cane fool you, he is as every bit as intuitive and inspiring as an old man than when he was the soldier people watched in awe. As he hands the shield to Sam, we all know it will be in good hands and I must say, I think the new uniform is quite becoming of his trusted friend. Fantastic art, fantastic pictures and most of all an emotional composition.

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