Cover of the Week 19/11 – Deadly Class #9 by Wes Craig

Deadly Class 009 (2014) (Digital-Empire)001It is the originality of the idea that really makes this cover standout. The school doodle come expertly drawn death threat letter is as imaginative as you would expect from schoolchildren. The subtleties of the cube and cannabis leaf mixed in with the skulls is of juvenile and bored minds, which is why this page works. The blood lust and weapon depictions are not only emphatic but result in heavy blood loss and dismemberment. This is a sketch that is meant to scare and it does so excellently. The details around the page within a page aren’t even needed because it is clear enough from the art that it is a bullying note, but they are quite amusing to look at. I really like the fake details to the anatomy page and the small corner of the rubix cube. Even the colouring is fantastically amateur despite drawing quite the impressive header and the small image logo. Bringing it all together is the R.I.P. loser banner which really send the message across. If you are reading the book then you know exactly who drew this and who is coming for Marcus. It then becomes more an intimidating sight because you know F***face is a vicious and violent individual and this is actually a drawing, not from a bored bully, but a genuine psychopath. It takes the amusement out of the page and leaves you with some dread. In any case the cover is amazing and is the message could not be more patently clear.

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