The Theatre List 19/11 – I swear crossover fatigue is real!

I mentioned last week that maybe it is just that I have crossover fatigue, I can safely say that this week I definitely have it. A few people know my general dislike of Spider-Man and how it took me a long time to enjoy Superior. My trouble was really with Peter Parker and how one dimensional I find him, he seems to be the same character I loved as a teenager, and as an adult he just doesn’t appeal to me anymore. The Spider-Verse story just seems to me like a child like fantasy to have every Spider-Man ever in the same place, and I struggle to look past that. I have discussed Slott’s writing before and I can appreciate that for a crossover ASM #10 was solid, but that is hardly any praise at all. I have been repeatedly told that I am incorrect on social media and so I will continue to read it, but it puts me off the tie-ins. Spider-Woman was a book I was looking forward to but as it is a Spider-Verse tie-in, I was left feeling cheated of seeing the character that I have grown quite fond of. As much as I also decided to stop talking about Axis, I find myself disliking it’s tie-ins to books I normally enjoy including Deadpool and Loki. At lease with Wade there is a twist to his character leading to an introspection of how it affects those around him. But it just isn’t as good as the work outside of crossovers. Both X-Force and Batman & Robin were books heading towards their finales and therefore were not that exciting in plot development as we wait to see what is actually going to happen. Both are rather convoluted in story and difficult to follow in art, but I am sure they will end in a spectacular fashion. You may not think it from reading this, but there were some great books last week!


DIG031165_2Pax Americana #1

As I have said before Grant Morrison is incredible at writing parallel universes because he injects realism to each of his characters. This one was no different and was as bonkers as ever. The story progression and time bending works incredibly well with Quitely’s panel transition and seems to be a level of storytelling above much of what I have ever read. It is simply glorious.


DIG031399_2Uncanny X-Men #28

As frustrating as this book can be, the dialogue is holding up well and Bendis still has his finger on the mutant relations pulse. I do have a slight concern that with the emergence of Magneto this may confuse the issue altogether but that has been a common feature for a number of years. The political ethos between Erik and Xavier has been simple but its execution has perplexed many of us for years. This is a nice summary of those past events and I am wondering where on the Magneto Professor spectrum Cyclops lies.


DIG031398_2The Punisher #12

Very strong work from Edmondson and Gerads again as the story arc takes time to bring in the conclusion. The city Frank was protecting has fallen to terrorists in his forced absence, and it is up to him to take it back. This issue sees some excellent grandstanding and I have thoroughly enjoyed how Gerads’ art has grown into the story.



DIG031288_3Magneto #12

As I discussed above regarding Scott’s position, this issue was a great look at the rapport and hypothetical conversation between Erik and Xavier. It is well thought out but once again I fear it will lead to an even more confused ending. Nothing seems to change for the X-Men, no matter the grandiose crossover. Boschi’s art is gritty and befitting as a replacement for Walta.


DIG031387_2Daredevil #10

In classic Waid and Samnee style we see the return of the hero. Samnee is particularly great at having a confrontation and saving kids in a buzzing amusement arcade. As they reign in the end of the story there is a beautiful moment between Matt and Kirsten which completely represents the ethos of the book. Normally Matt would sleep with torment and angst, but this time he lets someone in to actually be there for him. This is the new Daredevil.


DIG031389_2Elektra #8

I never thought that I would get used to Del Mundo so quickly on this book, but the change in story was all it needed. The previous arc was so unique and refreshing that I was completely besotted by it. Del Mundo bears a similar tone, albeit different artistically, but it keeps the book at the thematic level Blackman intends. I was also extremely excited to see Bullseye again, so we shall see where this creative team takes us.


DIG031396_2New Avengers #26

Finally we get to see the final fate of Iron Man! Hickman makes us wait but the conversations between Black Swan from the other side of the looking glass are fantastic. The arrogance of Tony Stark is so unappealing but what Hickman has done so brilliantly, is made us believe in him. He may be in a terrible situation but I know he will resurrect it.


DIG031385_2Avengers #38

A little slower and more detached from NA #26 but this issue reflects back to the very early issues of Avengers and the evolution pods that were sent down from the Gardeners. This level of detail takes some appreciation and as a fan that has devoted hours to it, it pays off in spades. However for the more casual reader, it may get a little confusing.



Deadly Class 009 (2014) (Digital-Empire)001Deadly Class #9

The tragic story of Marcus continues in this preparation for the F***face battle issue. The love triangle continues and we see sides of the teens that we have all seen in ourselves. It is sad, it is desperate and it is gut wrenching to read. It is a such an expertly constructed book that is completely in control of its themes that it will always leave you broken.



DIG031957_1Zero #12

The return of Agent Zero is written superbly. I loved the relationship between our super spy and his superiors and to have him interviewed regarding his allowed escape is very cleverly done. It gets to the point where you just cannot believe anything isn’t orchestrated. Gorham does a great job on art and I particularly love his wide panel closeups.

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