The Theatre List 26/11 – A glorious morning no longer

I remember when Morning Glories was a must pull for everyone out there. These days its more of a I cannot believe this book is still going. To say that it has become a confusing comic is an understatement because it almost impossible to follow anymore. So much of it relates back to other issues a very long time ago, and the actual story at play has nothing to do with the previous issue. It has almost become unreadable. I don’t want you to think that I am being spiteful for the sake of it, because I really used to love this book. There is a degree to which certain people will go to suspend belief or trust in the author, but if you don’t reign in the sub plots soon then few people will be reading the conclusion to it. the MGA Study Hall posts are cool and helpful in understanding the issue, but once again they serve as a stand alone guide and don’t combine the threads. Seriously it pains me to say this because you have no idea how much I adore Spencer, Eisma and Esquejo. Lazarus is another book I struggle with to recommend. I do like reading it but it never satiates my desires enough for me to want to review it. There are reviewers that have gone into great depths in explaining its subtitles and story but I just don’t rejoice in them. I love the art which is probably the reason why I keep buying it, but I just am not captivated by the family drama and only just have some sentiment for Forever. I do like her but the innocent child character trope does not do enough for me. ODY-C came out this week and let’s just say, I struggled to understand much of it. I love the idea of a gender reversed odyssey and will keep with it, but the story was far too convoluted. The history lesson is great in itself but that is not why I want to read comics. Ward’s art is technically impressive but I found the sequences tough to follow and the colouring difficult on the eye. I am still hopeful for this book in any case.


Arkham Manor (2014-) 002-000Arkham Manor #2

I do like this comic and Duggan is doing a fine job in developing the subterfuge and suspense of an undercover Batman. But the real success of the book is Shawn Crystal’s art which is so murky and shaded that it befits the tone of the drama. He utilises the Scalera-esque expression lines that delineate movement and helps with the shading to good effect.


New Avengers (2013-) 027-000New Avengers #27

I shall be reviewing this run later this week!




Secret Avengers (2014-) 010-000Secret Avengers #10

I tweeted the most amazing page which featured Coulson and Hawkeye in the rain. The drama is so incredible in the latter pages that the final twist is quite the achievement. The story is so well crafted and the characters wonderfully intertwined. But most of all Walsh’s art is so adaptable at making light hearted panels as well as those of intense theatre.


The Superior Foes of Spider-Man 017 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire)001Superior Foes of Spider-Man #17

I fail to understand why this issue exists given that the last one felt like an end, a happy one at that. There is a twee reference to Peter Parker but I cannot help but wonder whether this was cobbled together because CM Punk wrote a huge letter at the end. It is still a good read and I like the shwarma homage of the cover.


DIG032265_1Rasputin #2

Check my Honour Roll entry!




The Manhattan Projects 025-000Manhattan Projects #25

As Hickman announces a hiatus to the book, we finish with a setting up of the world stage: The Americans, the Russians and the parallel universes. The book has never let up and the story is a little complex but ultimately it is about science and political warfare, and it doesn’t ever seem to falter. The art is beautiful as is the colouring, and I cannot wait for the series to restart.


Trees 007-000Trees #7

Something interesting happened to this book, it has started to make sense. As I discussed books above and their ability to craft a story, this one finally takes those character based issues and gives them context to the overall picture. There is so much texture to the artwork and each scene looks completely different, largely due to Howard’s amazing colouring.


Wayward 004-000Wayward #4

There is something quite compelling about this book and I cannot put my finger on it. Whether it be the gorgeous art and colouring or the lovely mix of arcane mystery and ghouls, or the unique Japanese cult fiction. It is really enjoyable to read and the plot is making suitable progress. It is just a very good looking book.



00Edward Scissorhands #2

I am so in love with Drew Rausch’s art because it has that delicate blend of cutesy machinist lovableness, that is essential for the main character. The story is rendered with such delight that you can feel the pain of the little robot boy with an expressionless face and no mouth.



Baltimore - The Wolf and the Apostle 02-000Baltimore: The Wolf & The Apostle #2

This world Mignola has created is so novel to me that the gothic and religious temperament of the book really appealed to me. I love how the Wolf existed and how dependent the crew were upon the Lord above and in that fact, they sacrificed their lives. It is dark, it is gritty and it is quite terrifying and I must catch up with this newfoundland of Mignola’s.


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