Cover of the Week 3/12 – The Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw #2 by Benjamin Dewey

Tooth & Claw 002-000

The true strengths of the terror and menace of this cover lie in the perspective in which it places the reader. We sit in the pool of blood looking at our aggressor. Not only is he a scary beast but we look at our own blood slowly flowing away towards the monster. His weapon stained red is the tool of our destruction and slow imminent death. The colouring is quite effective in bring out the contrast between the landscape devoid of colour and the blood red of our hurt. The assailants convene in the distance as they seem to walk away leaving us for dead. The intricacies of their costumes forgive their green palette colouring, as once again the contrasting red slashes on their face also show their aggression. The shading on the expanding red viscosity is also reflective of the surrounds and the light seems to disappear the nearer it is to us. Now if you look at the back cover, it combines with the front and completely opens up the landscape and brings more light to the predicament the viewer is in. Perhaps we are not dying and are just observers in a tirade of violence. The skull and knife represent a complete evisceration of a foe and the buffalo enemy is seen in greater detail. There is certainly an indication of a recent battle and he is washing his blade with water, and it gently mess in with the pool of blood mentioned above. The view now takes on a new angle, and maybe we are witnessing how this character readies himself after a recent battle. The warrior on the original page may just be waiting for his compatriot to finish his cleansing ritual, before returning to his clan. In any case it is an impressive cover that demonstrated the bloody violence if these buffalo soldiers in quite a unique way. Cover

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