The Theatre List 3/12 – A marvellous list no more

This was probably the first week since starting this post that there haven’t been any Marvel titles on the list. There was very little released and the regular titles were relatively average, these include the Inversion Deadpool and Hulk, which has taken a slower turn in the latest arc. Otherwise there were a lot of creator owned and DC books, which form the bulk of the list. The Godhead story arc enters its third act, which amazes me that it has reached because I can summarise it in a couple of sentences. The New Gods come to conquer all the lantern corps, they succeed and Sinestro leads the defence from the front whilst Hal recruits Hand and the black lanterns. That is about it which is odd given how many issues it crosses through. Im not disliking it but I am far from enjoying it, but I am intrigues to see where Sinestro will go. I quite like Action Comics and I like how Pak writes Clark but this issue was not anything special. With regards to Swamp Thing, as much as I love the Robot queen avatar, the issue covered little ground so I was quite indifferent to it. Otherwise it was quite a slow week but what was good was great!


Grayson (2014-) 005-000Grayson #5

Check out what I wrote for Aaron Meyer’s Honour Roll:



Detective Comics (2011-) 037-000Detective Comics #37

I don’t care what the story even is because Buccellato and Manapul draw and colour the most incredible comic. I once was wary of the overly stylised colour on the book but now I quite get enough of it. The story is actually really entertaining as it featured the Mad Hatter but the twist is very exciting at the books end.



Gotham Academy 003-000Gotham Academy #3

This is such a pretty book to read, the art and colouring are warm and full of innocence. The story really captures the insidious naiveté of teenagers and as they adventure into a magical horror story. It is tonally completely synchronised.



Secret Six (2014-) 001-000Sinister Six #1

I really quite enjoyed reading about these new characters and their slow revelations in a claustrophobic environment. The villainous aspects of their personalities lend to some confrontational conversations and the final page brought a smile to my face. Ashley’s art is quite intricate and dynamic making for quite the texture opener.


Chew 045-000Chew #45

Layman! What are you doing to me!? Why would you do that? This story was as destructive as the last issue and it’s aftermath is quite devastating. Rob’s art is brilliant as always and the final page is just heartbreaking.



001Low #5

This book is simply fantastic because the story is moving at a rapid pace, and even speeding up the plot has built the tension of the mother and son’s incarceration. These characters have firm grounding and their character transitions are quite natural. The art is beautiful as always, and seems to be making more sense from start to finish.



Tooth & Claw 002-000The Autumnlands: Tooth and Claw #2

Even though there is a name change, the world which was created in the first issue is so full of depth and texture. The story is making stern progress and is a combination of magic and legend in an animal world, which is quite novel. The art is similar to Low as it is intricate and full of emotion.



Cover09_colPrivate Eye #9

The large single panel pages of this book are worth the price we choose to pay alone. The anti-social media rhetoric continues into an exciting will-they-stop-the-rocket ending, and our central characters are put to the test. The opening pages are quite intense and impactful for a flashback funeral scene. What a great penultimate issue.

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