The Theatre List 15/12 – A flurry of gems!

I have to say that this past week has been spectacular in its comic releases. There were a total of sixteen books and only seven not recommended from my pull. The usual Bendis absence is not worth commenting upon outside of the indulgence of having young x-men and Ultimate Spidey in the same story. Axis is Axis and I have said far too much about it over the weeks. Wonder Woman is a book I really want to give a fair chance despite my dislike of Finch’s artwork. It is far too cheesecake and revealing for my liking but the writing is not bad, just lacking a little focus. It is hard to enter a world created by Azzarello and try to stamp your own distinctions on a character. Justice League is solid from a writing and art perspective but there really isn’t anything unique or interesting about it. The Morrison/Irving book Annihilator is a surprisingly intriguing book, especially with the artwork being as an impressive as it is. However this issue saw little progress with the writing and a poor distinction in appearance of the character, I do appreciate some of them are identical. Anyhow lets check out the following lovelies.


2014-12-17 02-28-09 - Batman (2011-) 037-000Batman #37

There are few creative combinations out there more unified than Snyder and Capullo. No matter your opinion on the story or the character perspectives, you cannot knock the end product as a work of art. I still believe Joker is far too powerful and intellectual and the Joe Chill reference is over the top but the book is still an enjoyable read and always worth reading.


Batman and Robin 037-000Batman & Robin #37

The return of Damian has been a crazy adventure with Bruce coming face to face with the God that once killed him, Darkseid. But the story has been exciting and Gleason has certainly enjoyed drawing the Apokolips, despite it probably not being his strong suit. The ending is sweet and I was very pleased to see the story start to reach some sort of fruition.


2014-12-17 02-28-09 - The Multiversity - Thunderworld Adventures (2014-) 001-000Multiversity: Thunderworld Adventures #1

Once again I cannot believe how well Morrison is able to switch universes and write characters so effectively. He may rely on classic hero tropes but he does them justice and the time travel aspect to the Rock of Eternity works nicely. The art is on point for a Shazam set of heroes and Cameron Stewart is loving the action sequences. Great story, great art, great comic, great run.


All-New Captain America (2014-) 002-000All New Captain America #2 (NTMR17Q7FWJH)

I do like Sam as the new Cap and I think this story is making excellent progress. There is a great cameo appearance and Remender does what Remender does best, a complex story with some solid character exposition. Ian is a welcome addition to Cap’s crew and works because he is not imminently associated at Roger’s side.



Moon Knight (2014-) 010-000Moon Knight #10 (NTMW5D7MG6QD)

I am still in mourning over the opening arc of this book but I cannot neglect the work done by Wood and Smallwood. They are produced a fascinating story that is based around the mythos of MK and not the man, in fact they have them separated them. The result is impressive and Smallwood is using his panel effects to deliver the story.



Black Widow (2014-) 013-000Black Widow #13 (NTMT6YQYZNI7)

You can read about why Noto is such a superb artist here …. The story is making ever so slow progress and is the one complaint of the book. We have an idea who the villain is but they don’t seem to be as clever or as manipulating as their actions have been. We can only wait and see how Edmondson delivers his final act and the real story under this web of deceit.


Ms. Marvel (2014-) 010-000Ms Marvel #10

Check out my entry for Aaron Meyer’s Honour Roll this week:




ELEKTRA2014009-DC11-b54cfElektra #9 (NTMRMT6MLTAU)

Del Mundo’s art on this book keeps me completely hooked and in love with the story. Elektra’s character is very complex and full of intricate relationships and scenarios. The Bullseye story adds another layer of paint on a protagonist who is already struggling to find her way. The way in which she is drawn and the story is portrayed is second only to JH Williams III.


Wayward_05-1Wayward #5

I shall be reviewing this book very soon! But as it finishes its first arc, we step back and realise what a wonderful story, full of gorgeous art and references to Japanese cultural myths. Just gorgeous.



The Sandman - Overture (2013-) 004-000aThe Sandman Overture #4

Each double page spread is a work of genius in itself. The ethereal and fantastical story Gaiman has created is perfectly suited to JH Williams III who has crafted a superbly flowing story. It doesn’t really make a huge amount of sense and the twist with Hope is quite saddening but I am sure there is much left unsaid. Even though it takes forever for this book to come out, I am never disappointed by it.


AlexAndAda_11-1Alex + Ada #11

Luna needs an immense amount of credit for bringing a new angle to the story. The first couple of arcs were very much a narrative on artificial intelligence and emotion but now it has moved to a societal reaction to AI. Not only does the story focus on mass reaction but it provides a personal insight in the form of Ada and her interactions with the common public, namely Alex’s friends.


zero_13Zero #13

This book took a different tact with this issue because it was a violent fight scene almost all the way through. As ever with the rotating artists it gave Ponticelli a new story to work with. His action scenes were incredibly detailed, flowed suitably and gave the frenetic motion you would expect from a scrap. It is pretty hard to view but it is fantastically rendered.


Wytches 003-000Wytches #3

There is something about this books that really makes me uneasy. It is not just the fact that the story is quite harrowing or the fact that Jock is so suited to a horror story or that Hollingsworth has the most impressive layering and merging skills, but something else. I think it is because I cannot see how this book ends on a happy note. I cannot see the lost child returning, our central character is going to be childless. Scary eh?


Goners 003-000Goners #3

This comic has rapidly become one of the books I look forward to every month. It has a delicately propped balance of quirky cartoonish art mixed with a dark magic tale of death and loss. The children are brilliantly innocent and the monsters are very well rendered.



Manifest Destiny 012 01Manifest Destiny #12

As always this book still remains the only one doing what it is doing: a medieval horror set on an estranged island. This issue brought some context to the whole story as the crew meet an indigenous tribe. The language barriers lend to some interesting revelations and base confrontations. It firmly sets the ominous tone already borne from the earlier issues.


The Wicked + The Divine 006-000The Wicked + The Divine #6

The style, art and story are all spot on as you would expect from Gillen, McKelvie and Wilson. The new character who is clearly based on Prince is totally cool and a little nicer than the other characters. The story is moving on in time from Luci’s death and making firm headway but is answering less questions than it poses. The ride si thoroughly enjoyable anyhow!

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