Cover of the Week 24/12 – Mind MGMT #29 by Matt Kindt

25710My LCS never seems to hold enough copies of Mind MGMT and so my devotion to it is intermittent based upon the trades. However I did notice this wonderful cover of Meru this week. Matt Kindt is a very intelligent man and full of ideas which comes across with his covers. They often are clever to a point where there is a subtly not always spotted. His art is watercolour based and always has a warm and soft feel to it as the inking never comes across as too defined or harsh. His colour palette is always on the brighter side and his characters exhibit their emotions in a postural or facial expressions manner. I love looking at Meru as a samurai type character as it seems to be a coming of age, from being an honest woman to one that has now wielded the power she owns. Her charging forth is draw particularly well because of her pose, in true samurai fashion she is is steadfast in a striking position. Her waist twists as she runs forward ready to strike. Her garb is that lovely combination of her own dress and that of a traditional warrior, very much of her own. The lovely make up and jewellery effects are juxtaposed with the anger on her face as she runs towards the light. Kindt has shown her enemy in the form of a powerful entity by depicting Meru as a skeleton the more she travels. It sets an ominous and worrisome tone because the adversary may have the ability to destroy her.. It draws the suspense and firmly delivers the message that Meru is heading towards a terrifying enemy, and she is ready for it.


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