The Theatre List 7/1 – Squirrel Girl is Unbeatable!

Another impressive week of comics with much variety to choose from. The new Ant-Man book released and as much as I love Nick Spencer, it hit just off the mark. I was quite intrigued as to how he would play Scott Lang since his release from Fraction/Allred’s FF book and he appears to have returned to the goofy carefree Scott. This is a shame because his maturation in FF was an excellent character exposition but I guess there needs to be a new start. As quirky and as modern as Spencer’s writing is, the book spent far too long trying to provide action and excitement over a job interview instead of really setting up the story. I appreciate that the devotion to working for Stark had to be embellished in order to make his move to the West side for his daughter all the more important, but it did not work. However the art was lovely and quite enjoyable. Both Green Lantern and Action Comics brought a return to banality for me. GL features a buddy bar scene which are so played out these days and poorly rendered compared to the classic Johns work. Action Comics was well written but once again another boring alien mind control story I just didn’t care for. Duggan’s Hulk has been making impressive headway but this issue saw him fight Red Hulk just for the research? It is a shame because it needed to make use of its momentum. Anyway ignore all that, there was so much else to enjoy!

Marvel Codes

The Amazing Spider-Man #12 – TMAXSW6C71UQ

Hulk #10 – NTM2EN0UQSDH

Ant-Man #1 – NTMJ1V96BG9U


Detective Comics (2011-) 038-000Detective Comics #8

Whatever the story Manapul and Buccellato describe, you can be assured that it will look colourful and extremely gorgeous. The detective element of the book is back in full force and I was so happy to Matches again. The survival tactic used in the opening pages was straight from his Shark repellant bat belt tool kit too!


The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl 001-000The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 – TMAKRR5YIK8P

Check out what I wrote for Aaron Meyer’s Honour Roll!



portrait_incredibleThe Punisher #14 – TMALDF0EYQ4F

This book is on point with its writing, art and colouring and a story which is slowly ramping up in tension. Incredible considering this is a double artist issue. The story of the Howling Commandos is not a straightforward win loss one and Punisher’s role in this is slowly becoming more and more murky. I am quite expectant of the cards up Frank’s sleeve.


Bucky Barnes - The Winter Soldier (2014-) 003-000Bucky Barnes: Winter Soldier #3 – TMAP1ATRHTX4

Marco Rudy has a tendency to either completely entice you or lose you with his work. Either way it is always beautiful to look at. This story took a very pleasant twist in the second half as it was bewitched with romance. I would normally be dismissive of this as it is space adventure story featuring Bucky, but the art was so pretty that I loved it.



tumblr_inline_nhsqk1j5Yl1r77eonAngela Asgards Assassin #2 – TMA3RN46A0W5

There is a Asgardian dynamic that I quite enjoy here. Angela’s return home is thoroughly unwanted and her rebellious nature lends for an interesting tale. Gillen is targeting the racial problems of birth and identity quite well here, especially when Angela is listening to the All Mother’s diatribe on Asgard.


The Fade Out 004-000The Fade Out #4

Dazed and confused in Hollywood is becoming quite the sleuthing adventure. Once again the writing and style of the book is impeccable and Brubaker is enticing with an air of mystery. His ability to slowly unveil the past of a character in order to frame their current predicament is uncanny. Just wonderful work.



Trees 008-000Trees #8

After the masses of scene exposition and separate character biographies we reach a crux point and it all changes from here. It all seems a little too destructive because we are starting to lose some of our characters but I am sure Ellis’ intentions are far from clear to the reader. I have no idea where this is going but with Howard’s amazing art I am excited to find out.


Feathers_001_coverA-750x400.Feathers #1

This was a delightful book from Archaia and features a post industrial society and children. Feathers is an abnormally feathered child who has a penchant for justice and become friends with a fellow female adventurer. The art is so quirky and delightful and all the more impressive given that Corona wrote it too.



GodHatesAstronauts_05-1God Hates Astronauts #5

It is difficult to know what to say about this comic except that it is bonkers. The story is nuts and the art is so hilarious as we see the most ridiculous characters try to fit into a semi-coherent story. It is just so funny.



Lady Killer 001-001Lady Killer #1

It has become a classic comic tome, the femme fatale that also leads a traditional family life. However Joelle Jones is incredible on the artwork because out central characters looks so elegant and classic 60’s pretty but also has that evil streak of violence. I was quite impressed with how that balance was struck and how gorgeous someone could look covered in blood, just look at the cover!


Deadly Class 010 (2015) Digital-Empire)001Deadly Class #10

Once again Remender does not stray from the unpleasant as we see Marcus royally make a mess of his relationship, comic shop and life in general. Craig is amazing on art, especially as Marcus runs back to his shop recounting the last night, interspersed with images of Saya orgasming. And there is the most incredible final page drama.

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