Cover of the Week 14/1 – Kabuki Dreams #4 by David Mack

27281It is not often I get the chance to look at digital only download covers but for some fortuitous reasons I took a gander. Much to my surprise I found this incredible piece of work from the equally amazing David Mack. His work has always balanced that realm of fantasy and reality by his penchant for self reflectiveness. This is why his work always appears so ethereal and dream like and this cover is no different. I enjoy the central character is not only dressed in a kind of superhero outfit, or to the non superhero obsessed brain, a beautifully patterned dress but it fades out towards her extremities into the background. Even her hair casually drapes the left side of her face as it also disappears into the ether. The significance of this can only be appreciated by reading the book, because there are numerous suggestions that would fit suitably. This is one of the impressive aspects of Mack’s art. His use of colour and shading is on display in the way the watercolours merge but also the texture of her skin on her chest and face. It gives weight to an otherwise lofty image and all the more poignant as it fades away. The image becomes this beautiful semblance of colour and shading as we begin in the dark and look across the image to the light. It is amazing how he merges it all so seamlessly, especially when there are purples, reds and multiple spirals to encompass. I see it as a person becoming one with her own surroundings, be it becoming at peace with herself or giving in to the struggles she endures in her everyday life. It is amazing how much you can derive from this page and how much it can tell you about yourself. That is the beauty of David Mack.

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