The Theatre List 14/1 – A long time ago in a galaxy….

Supreme Blue Rose is still a beautiful book and Tula Lotay is doing great work but I just cannot follow the story. I do recommend it for people to read just for the art but the plot is doing nothing for me, perhaps it would be better off as a trade. Ten Grand finally finished this week and it has been through its fair share of turmoil, the ideas at the finale may cohere together as a paperback read but I just found myself not caring about our central character and his lost love. It was sweet but but by the end he had become such a bitter and twisted individual that I just stopped caring about his loss. Once again Lazarus was a perfectly competent book but I just find myself enjoying the art and not thinking anything further about the characters or the plot, which is not really a good thing. All New Cap is taking the turns Remender Marvel books often do at the beginning of the run in that they fail to capitalise on a great opening. There is some character work in this issue but it is so weakly done that I just was not moved at all, and I really like Sam. There were some really decent books this week so before we dwell for too long, let us get to them.

Marvel Codes

All New Captain America #2 – NTM94E0F7K3H

Avengers #34.2 – TMADBGF91IRD

Deadpool #40 – TMAJAUK34KIW


DIG049988_2Daredevil #12 – TMARXEPUNNK4

Once again brilliant throughout. Wilson’s colouring is so impressive as the book is so bright and lively which is perfectly suitable for the “daredevil” escapades. I enjoyed the detective stories that now seem to be a running theme throughout this title and I particularly loved Matt driving a car with his billy clubs!



DIG049999_1X-Force #14 – TMAM4HCFX7WX

It is massive revelation time at last but Spurrier may have bitten off more than he can chew. I am just glad to see the return of a character I have been missing and the nutcase reveals which I am convinced will make sense once I re-read the book. Kim is okay on art but still remains a little inconsistent.



DIG049996_1Silver Surfer #7 – TMAZN84G3ZIT

In true Doctor Who style we find the companion realising the sins of Surfer’s past and then questioning his morality. It was always going to happen but I hope the story remains character based and isn’t just a way of bringing in the big bad guy. Allred’s are on fire as always!



DIG049975_1Avengers #40 – NTMSPHF4CNBL

Once again a very well written book with plot twists galore. This was so very enjoyable but I cannot shake the feeling it was a little rushed. The Cabal and Namor situation was resolved at the drop of a hat and I find myself not having to delve into the previous issues to understand it. Are you sure Hickman wrote this?



DIG049977_3Star Wars #1 – TMAYGJ7CHE4X

This was really rather good. Not only does Cassaday bear incredible likenesses to the Star Wars cast but Aaron has a grasp on their personalities. I do find that the art is a little static and the expressions come more from photos and than genuine emotions. But I was buzzing from the opening pages because lets face it, we are all Star Wars fans.


DIG050973_2The Superannuated Man #5

Now some plot exposition comes out way, we can finally begin to understand what is happening with this story. I loved the dog in this issue and its relevance to the current continuity. The art is quite textural and emotive on the whole and though it may be a little too visceral it certainly performs its objectives well.



DIG050939_2Copperhead #5

This book impresses me every month as I find the characterisation either quite fresh or well written. The story is a true detective one and I quite like the intense race for the truth. The central character is a no nonsense female cop who could easily fall into stereotype but she maintains that air of genuineness. I also enjoy the quite simple but aggressive emotional artwork.


DIG050968_2Shutter #8

This book moves from crazy to crazy as we now try to find additional pieces to the family jigsaw. I do like the family element of this book and the unknown history that is slowly occurring. But it is the amazing art that keeps me hooked and the most gloriously visceral colouring.



Jupiter's Legacy 005-000Jupiter’s Legacy #5

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