Cover of the Week 21/1 – Batman & Robin #38 by Patrick Gleason

DIG050190_1There is so much about this cover to enjoy, not only the fact that Damian has returned but Gleason has him parodying Superman. That is exactly the classic posture of a man who is bullet proof and wearing a disguise beneath his clothes, except that this time it is a young boy who has far too much gusto and ego for the power he beholds. This is the sentient theme of the book and one that these creators have had in mind since the very start of the comic. Damian has always been a difficult child and his dissension against his father led to a cardinal sin in Bruce’s eyes, he killed a man. As he learnt to become a man and a son he was murdered and lost to Batman for what would seem forever. Now he has a second chance but all the lessons he learned are now being tested because he is no longer just a boy. As the picture above so beautifully depicts with wonderful perspective, the bullets just bounce off him. The colours are excellently combined as we have a nice green touch with his tie and the yellow background accentuated the central colours. The angulation lines behind him emphasis the danger and direction of projectiles fired towards him. He remains unscathed and is beaming with pride and arrogance, in fact his face has more hubris than ever before with his eyes closes and the corner of his mouth curled. This is where the true test of Bruce’s fatherhood lies because how will he manage an excitable extremely skilful Damian who is now powered and invulnerable? I for one to not envy this task but am extremely excited to see it unfold. For now I am just happy to see Damian return to comics.


    1. Im rapidly favouring Damian because he fits the role so differently to the others and that paternal attachment is real no matter how well they work together. Will Dick and Tim they became Bruces sons because of their time together, Jason went the other way, whereas Damian is his son no matter what he does!

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