The Theatre List 21/1 – The Marvel solos take precedent

On the whole I was really impressed with last weeks comics and there was some strong stories and good character work. The usual books failed to make the list for the usual problems. These include All New X-Men and Justice League, odd considering Bendis and Johns are the biggest writers at their respective companies. Both are rather run of the mill stories and Justice League has the classic big superhero twists which Johns used to be fantastic at as much as the teen angst clone tales of Bendis. Captain America and the Mighty Avengers had interesting sentiments but the writing was not strong enough to pull off the character development, let alone the new change to Luke Cage’s character. Otherwise I worry Spread is going to become a gorefest book but I am quite surprised at how much I enjoy Strahm’s art despite this. Rocket Raccoon was solid enough but Groot losing his regenerative ability was not enough to take the issue onto this list, even though Andrade was on the art. But these books are the few weaknesses of an otherwise strong list of books!

Marvel Codes

All New X-Men #35 – NTM6VDDH7FJ3

Rocket Raccoon #7 – NTM06AMLUCKU

Captain America &  Mighty Avengers #4 – TMAEWXQXH0CK 


DIG050190_1Batman & Robin #38

Just a fantastic book. Damian’s growth as a returned to life angry child is making its necessary slow and painful steps. Gleason’s art highlights his emotions wonderfully as Robin spends time alone trying to get to grips with his feelings, which is amazingly mature considering his father probably never did.


DIG050472_1Moon Knight #11 – ATCHJZRE0AFK

Now as we all struggled to accept the existence of this book, it is important to allow this book a chance. This issue was exemplary because it took the ethos of an introspective Marc and really pushed forward the Khonshu spirit. As he comes to terms with his rejection, Spectre derives determination to make his escape and confront the deity which is such a novel idea and Smallwood’s art is incredible slow and precise in the story.


DIG050321_3Amazing Spider-Man #13 – TMAQZ12QH486

I was so impressed with the handling of the Uncle Ben totem that the story took an interesting and unexpected turn, especially with the role of Otto. The rallying cries and teamwork spirit of the Spider-Men shines through with great authenticity and leaves you eager to find out the roles of our characters in the final play of the ancient prophecies. Such a surprising delight.


DIG050461_2Black Widow #14 – ATC4S27Y2PIX

This book takes so long for any real character or story development and when it does it is subtle and poignant. Natasha’s relationship with Maria Hill is explored amongst some amazing action sequences. As always Noto is exceptional with his work and the issue beautiful from cover to cover and worth the price alone.



DIG050471_2Magneto #14 – TMARV7E6LZSN

I am more impressed with the book as each issue is released. I do not think there is a Bunn comic that has such nuanced character work than Magneto. The issue focuses on Genosha and another anti-mutant military hunt and allows our protagonist some time for reflection. Where Bunn really impresses is the direction he is taking Magneto, one that is quite unique and surprising.


Elektra (2014-) 010-000Elektra #10 – TMAFTKT6J56X

Check out my entry for the Honor Roll at Comicosity:



DIG050462_2Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #4 – TMARL7XPNXQK

Even though there are two artists on this book and Foss’ work is a world away from Rudy’s, the story was so impressive that I wasn’t bothered by it. I love that Bucky is an inter-dimensional and interstellar character that is making his way to find a universe where he fails, and then goes to correct it. Not only fail to save the world but to fail to save a romance.


DIG050470_2Loki #10 – ATCZ0XIEW0DR

Ewing creates some impressive sibling rivalry with this issue and forces Loki into a direction we have rarely seen. This has been developing over time and with Thor’s demise, makes for impressive reading. Garbett is solid on the art but really shines with the twist at the end of the issue.


DIG050068_2The October Faction #4

Niles and Worm continue to work together impressively with the most wonderfully dark art befitting of the Addams family themselves. The lack of emotion from the children is quite scary, especially considering the other predators coming for the family, namely Robot Face!



DIG051039_2The Wicked + The Divine #7

Another strong issue where the art is so gorgeous and the storytelling novel. The scene where Baphomet walks Laura down multiple floors was amazing. As always each deity is uniquely developed and has a delightfully arrogant and disturbing persona, they are worth reading alone. The folklore developing with popstar worship is really an interesting read, especially when reaching for immortality.


Goners 004-000Goners #4

Check my review:




DIG051038_2The Autumnlands: Tooth and Claw #3

I shall be reviewing this book later this week!

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