The Theatre List 11/2 – The big guns don’t live here anymore

Even though Aaron’s second issue of Star Wars was a little average, my enthusiasm for Darth Vader wasn’t to falter, after all it is written by Kieron Gillen. But the expectations were too high and as much as Larocca’s art was lovely, the story was so unbelievably bland and characterless, especially for the complexity of its writer. As I asked the Twitterers what was happening, they replied by saying that Disney has ultimate control over the product and creative freedom seems to have taken a back seat. This is such a shame because I know Aaron and Gillen could write the hell out of Star Wars. Speaking of let downs, Amazing Spider-Man completed the Spider-verse with a very forgettable finale. It had the art perfectly ready for a decent set of action sequences but instead of an epic battle we tried to fit in too much and let every character have their moment, including the Web Warriors, Ock, Ham, Silk, a surprise daughter, a giant robot and a betraying Inheritor. Let alone the fact that despite Solus dying the previous issue and negating the prophecy, apparently he was stored onto a giant red USB stick for further prophecy related convenience. These events were so watered down that the moment Peter was to sacrifice his life, I was too busy trying to work out what happened. There was no time to appreciate the moment and in three panels, he was rescued by Silk. It is not often I call for a double sized book but this seemed like it would have fit appropriately. All New X-Men was just a terrible comic, where these heroes seem to be dying a terrible character assassination. Apart from the twee teenage dialogue and above par artwork, there were no other redeeming features. I just cannot believe this book still exists. Thor was a fine comic and Molina did a reasonable job as a fill in but no where near as resounding as Dauterman has become. The fact that Thor smacks a surrendering villain in the face with Mjolnir deems her unworthy as far as I am concerned. The book was also let down by Odin being a completely unreasonable swine and more unnecessary rhetoric about the Thor handle. An odd issue in an otherwise astounding run.

Marvel Codes

All New X-Men #36 – ATCMB7D29MVD

Thor #5 – TMA7EH7JE7HP

Amazing Spider-Man #14 – ATC09K0ECYNF


DIG052239_2Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier #5 – TMA5MEZTZBVA

Check out my entry for the Honor Roll at Comicosity!



DIG052248_1X-Force #15 – TMA1T70X8ZRY

Even though this issue was a little convoluted for a finale, which I do feel ridiculous in saying given that it is Spurrier, it was still a decent ending. The resolution of Hope’s story and Cable’s lunacy was well attended too, despite there being a neglect of the father daughter rapport of other books.


DIG052895Southern Bastards #7

There is no let up for our little Euless, he failed to get the call up and is continued to be treated like dirt. The horrid dark red and brown colouring of the comic, fitting in nicely with the uniform of the Rebs, is a grim representation of the world it depicts. As always the story is dark, disturbing and the art visceral and guttural, but still brilliant.



DIG052894_2Shutter #9

Del Duca is just amazing on this book and the characters have such texture and depth, partly due to the wonderfully vibrant colouring of Gieni. The story continues to sustain a mystery but I don’t mind it so much because it is so enjoyable to watch unfold. I particularly loved the black, white and red flashback from 1889.



DIG052891_1Morning Glories #43

It has been a long while since this book appeared on the list but I did enjoy seeing Ike again. His miserable personality is only tolerable because of the grim future he will need to endure. It feels like a long time since the original students spent some actual time together.



25676X #22

This Dark horse title always sneaks under the radar. Ive always liked the story and it seems to be a fresh retelling of a Batman vigilante tale, with a firm love for the city in which X lives. The story was a bit strange but the ending of the book gave a personal introspective of our protagonist, a deeply flawed man.

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