Cover of the Week 18/2 – Silver Surfer #9

Silver Surfer (2014-) 009-000

So Surfer finally comes to meet his former boss, the being that he heralded planets for destruction for. But this time Galactus has come for him. The Allreds have always had this amazing ability to deconstruct their stories to the most essential affections. In this case it is the size discrepancy and the sheer enormity of the David and Goliath confrontation. The best way to show this dynamic is the portray Galactus trying to squish Surfer like a bug, hence the thumb and forefinger action. Even Norrion is classically posed in trying to stop his demise by kneeling and lifting his arms upon high. There is also another purpose to this position because it allows us to look into Galactus’ eyes as he peers towards the object sited between his fingers. The shape of Galactus is well rendered with the subtlest of expression lines and curvatures. This is matched by Laura’s wonderfully delicate colouring, where her use of pink and purple really accentuates the size and reflections of light on Goliath. She devotes some detailing to Norrin and Dawn too despite them being of a significantly smaller size. The fact that our protagonists appear like flies around a giant head is testament to the task at hand. This is such a vibrant and fun image that places intimidation at the forefront of the impending battle, in the simplest of fashions.


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