The Theatre List 18/2 – Don’t hate the creator, hate the game?

I cannot tell if this week had a large number of must reads because there were a lot of good books or because there were just a lot of books. In any case there was so much fun to be had but I have noticed a few things recently. DC are really straining when it comes to putting out a level of quality seen at other publishers. Justice League could not be more of an average classic superhero book, I mean its fine but it just isn’t interesting at all. Batgirl has lost its new generation nuance and now it is just more quirk than plot, I do still enjoy the look of it though. I have also noticed that Marvel have lost touch with their solo books somewhat, there are still some great ones going but others are finishing to becoming tame. I am really sad to see She-Hulk go because Pulido really places a book in a world of its own. Black Widow seems to be on a repetitive loop of a story and this issue saw nothing really happen of interest, and shockingly Noto’s work was not enough for me to recommend it. Rocket Raccoon was perfectly coherent and a nice read but it has lost the benefit of the nuanced artwork. The biggest problem with Marvel is that their key books, excluding Avengers are not getting the greatest of plaudits. Captain America, now titled All-New Captain America has lost its edge and is desperately trying to get it back, I have no idea why I am not captivated by the Sam Wilson story. The latest Mighty Avengers iteration has also lost that unique character bonding that it did before it was rebranded. Uncanny X-Men was reasonable but I really struggle with the time travel plot because it is so inconsistent, it covers the pitfalls of time travel and then completely ignores them. What is worse is that I love Scott, Eva and Bachalo’s art but I just cannot recommend this book. Finally I wanted to talk about Lazarus because rarely do I reveal my honest feelings on this comic. I love Lark’s art and it is the reason I keep buying the title because it is not for Rucka’s slow, banal, angst ridden writing. I know people love the political feel of the book but for an argument to be settled by a duel is a little ridiculous. There is a disagreement and instead of looking at the evidence, it is decided that a fight will overrule all, this took this bizarre feudal politics story to a daft level. That is not just enough for it to fall off the list, but I felt that the sword fight was not to Lark’s best attributes. The flow was jaded and made little sense, the poses and glances were all in place but the fight was poor. Im sorry everyone, I know how many people live this book, but I just struggle to see why. Anyway I have rambled far too long.

Marvel Codes

All-New Captain America #4 – NTM407UYPLLI

Captain America and the Mighty Avengers #5 – NTM5MDPRUM5Y

Uncanny X-Men #31 – TMA6S9DDZJZH

Rocket Raccoon #8 – NTM0B9L90DE8

Avengers World #17 – NTMXHJFX9UGM

Black Widow #15 – NTMJKH88XP28


DIG052371_2Batman & Robin #39

Can you believe that Tomasi and Gleason were allowed to completely revamp a character and stride forward with the changes? The fact that this issue sees Damian essentially join the League is a massive change. I am quite interested to see what struggles the young boy will now have being superpowered. Where will his character now take him?



DIG052412_2The Multiversity: Mastermen #1

It is not often I will ever recommend a book that starts with Hitler siting on a toilet, but I will make this exception only once. The is just the greatest story once again, because Morrison takes an established story and then just does it better. Jim Lee is also astounding on this book as he dedicates more time to the characters, with them being more than just muscle bound and very good looking.


DIG052540_2Ms Marvel #12

This was another altogether lovely and hilarious issue of Ms Marvel and Loki fits in quite aptly into the story. His mischievous is a perfect match for teenagers at a dance, and Kamala is great as she tries to make sense of him. I have to make mention of the fantastic job Elmo Bondoc did on the art because it felt like Alphona all the way through.



DIG052585_2Silver Surfer #9 – TMACWTHK4K0P

This book was so incredible with respect to the art that Allred alone makes it worth buying. The scenes of Galactus were all breathtaking but the story was well told and paced quite nicely. Especially when it came to character development and rapport building. Check my cover of the week post for more love for Allred:


DIG052578_2Loki #11 – NTMH417IGCMY

This comic had an interesting degree of honesty regarding Loki’s person. I found that the way he was treated quite disgusting, especially from previous family and friends. However I have no idea what the involvement of the old Loki is and I wonder if it even holds coherence once you re-read these issues.



DIG052579_2Magneto #15 – TMA53S168YC9

This book is a wonderful expose of the mutant human conundrum and Magneto, despite killing lots of people, has made headway in the protection of his people. The flashbacks to Charles are not sickly but are used subtly in progressing the story. Walt’s art is what allows this book the time to portray villainy in the most immoral of times.



DIG052581_2Moon Knight #12 – NTM6UGL01THD

I would never have imagined this book be as good as its predecessors but it has certainly found its own voice and told its own story. I shall be reviewing it very soon.


DIG052489_1Peanuts #25

As if this is not the most classic of comic strips and isn’t one of the most enjoyable reads this week. Schulz has always captured the imagination of the child, but also the sheer stubbornness in character of each of the kids. I have always enjoyed how Charlie Brown just responds to the trials he is placed in, mainly by the foils of other people.



DIG053064_2Drifter #4

I have no idea what this book is about or where it is going. I do remember that it started so different to this and these individual issues bear little resemblance to the ones previously. In any case this western type issue is very well drawn and has a solid narrative, sadly with more questions than answers at the moment.



The Autumnlands - Tooth & Claw 004-001The Autumnlands #4 

Check my review from earlier this week:



DIG053065_2Goners #5

This issue explored more of the mystical and death realms involving the Latimer parents and became a little on the confusion side. However the art was still amazing and the story is actually making good headway with some odd little twists. I may not love this issue as much as previous but the book is still quite impressive.



DIG053071_2Manifest Destiny #13

You know there was going to be a new monster right? There had to be because we have not seen one in a while and they have just discovered another ominous arch. The characters still toy around with the ideas of rebellion and escape but the arguments are always in the favour of the captain. When they reveal the next monster, once again the bright colouring makes it seem more scary than needed!


DIG053080_2The Fuse #10

The Fuse is a great detective book, even though there are large discussion expositions throughout the comic, it appeals to that television super sleuthing audience. The balance between Klem and Dietrich is lovely and they really bounce off each other. This story is quite difficult to follow with all the suspects but the reveals and twists are as fun as ever.


DIG053062_2Deadly Class #11

Watch out for my review this week. Quite simply the best comic being published today.

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