Cover of the Week 25/2 – Low #6 by Greg Tocchini

Low 006-000I was so pleased to have the opportunity to discuss Tocchini’s immensely skilful watercolours. The book has a visuality of its own and takes a bit of getting used to because it does appear a little incoherent at times. As the comic has progressed it has moved from strength to strength and this cover is an exemplary example of the art. The sheer audacity of the female lead to ride a giant lion wielding a giant weapon is testament to her gusto. Her gritted determination is obvious but she seems tired as her shoulders haunch with the weight of the gun. The lion is just beautiful as it strides forwards with a giant paw clawing its movement. The mane is glorious with the individual strokes of the brush providing the flowing movement. The jowls and razor sharp teeth are clear indications of intent and are intricately painted. The scar upon the right eye and cuts on the body hint at battles gone before and a rationale for it’s menace. The detailing in the background is also well composed as there are giant dripping bullet holes, a lovely effect of the watercolours. The colouring is wonderfully complementary as it mainly features black and orange, but it is the shading and blending that brings consonance. The lack of definite inking brings out raw emotion as the lion’s anger emanates throughout the surroundings, the colours merge and reflects the feelings of the rider. There is a fight coming and I can tell you who’s side I would like to be on.


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