The Theatre List 25/2 – Come to the dark side, its pretty boring

It isn’t that Darth Vader is a bad comic, because it actually has some solid merits, it is just plain dull. What makes the situation worse is that there are some subtle themes hinted at, such as the droid love and Vader falling out of favour. But what bugs me most of all about this is that this was written by Kieron Gillen. A man who is so incredible complex and well researched for almost all of his books. I also cannot imagine him not overjoyed at writing about one of the greatest villains in the history of all media. Sadly he falters but I winder how much of this is Disney keeping the creative handcuffs on. I really would like to read more but I honestly just think it would bore me. Speaking of books that have fallen out of the limelight, Batman presented it’s penultimate Endgame issue. i remember reading Death of the Family and being so tense and nervous as the issues went by. Sadly I have little excitement because once again the Joker proves himself not only to be invincible to shotguns but able to raid the Batcave rapidly in order to form a parade. Has Bruce really lost complete control of his city? Snyder’s bid to completely outdo himself has fallen flat on it’s face because either the Joker has mystical disease powers that allows him to beat Batman or they are are super detective intellectual powers which subdue his enemy. In any case Joker has proved himself to be superior than the Bat, and I am pretty sure that was not supposed to happen. Sadly there were quite a few banal books but the ones that made the list, always make up for the losses.

Marvel Codes

Amazing Spider-Man #15 – NTM5Z78W2ZT1

Spider-Gwen #1 – TMAH6M3SKJHA

Deadpool #42 – TMARKP9Q7ANQ

Darth Vader #2 – NTMH6BGUIZQR

All-New X-Men #38 – NTMGKYNWTVHJ


DIG050423_2Gotham Academy #5

Even though the cover is a farce, the book really isn’t. The cartoon cell like art is lovely to watch and follow, the characters are well formed and unique as teenagers and the themes are those of exploration and uncharted emotions. It is such a wonderful book to read and I fall for Maps and Olive the more I read about them.


DIG052723_2Thor Annual #1 – NTMDL8CHXUWC

Check out my entry at Comicosity’s Honour Roll!



DIG052719_3New Avengers #30 – NTMIQHL7E2L5

Okay this issue was just bonkers. As the Beyonders are introduced we listen to the craziest backstory and try to piece it all together, once again. Not that I don’t love it but this was almost a little too much but the delivery and art were worth it all the same. I only expect more wonderfully created insanity.



DIG052877_2Daredevil #13 – NTMVJSWZZ2JG

Once again Waid and Samnee are stupendous on this title and Daredevil finally gets to be in a relationship that is a little more equal. I quite like Kirsten, I think she is great for Matt. Yes I do come across like his counsellor but I think having a tough non powered girlfriend is quite refreshing. The art and story are brilliant as always.



DIG052884_1Secret Avengers #13 – NTMSFB3N7ESM

Just breathtakingly awesome. The idea that MODOK could ever be an Avenger is a hilarious one and his plan is great, especially with the twist at the end. I love the over use of pop culture references and that Spider-Woman is able to look after herself. It has the greatest covers by Tradd Moore and the best art by Michael Walsh.


DIG053546_1Rasputin #5

Once again the story of his death continues intersperse with the story of his accomplishments. The real life idea that he has mystical healing powers are so well manifested in this book, and the responses are just a exceptional. The art is just beautiful and Rossmo will remain one of my favourite all time artists.



DIG053553_2The Wicked + The Divine #8

Check my review out later this week!




Low 006-000Low #6

This book seems to have the ability to always do something unique each release. There is almost a rushing to get to a twist and this issue is no different, with heartache looming. The art is always brilliant, so much so that I wrote about it on the Cover of the Week post;


DIG053539_2Chew #46

There is an end in sight and I just cannot wait to see what happens. This may be a spoiler but shouldn’t be but the death of Poyo was quite upsetting and quite cleverly done, especially as the information and skills the killer chicken had would be so incredibly helpful to Tony. Guillory is just glorious as always and the story is just coming itself after the events of the last arc.


DIG052508_1Abigail & the Snowman #3

As always the most cute and gorgeous children’s art keeps me hooked. I love the expressions and unadulterated joy of a child and this book really brings that out. The story is moving at a decent speed with a new villain who genuinely looks terrifying. The father is this book is genuinely comedically brilliant!

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