The Theatre List 4/3 – Yes last week was really that good!

I honestly sat there and thought about whether all the books that made the list, deserved to be there. You need to maintain a level of integrity when comprising best and worst lists, and there has to be consistency. There are reasons I placed book on this list and those reasons stand tall, and hence I stick to my whopping fifteen books! Of those that didn’t make it, the most glaring omissions are Saga and Avengers. The latter has been running at such a fast pace that there had to be a blip somewhere, and this issue saw some average art and a story involving the Shi’ar and Guardians which did not pique my interest. It doesn’t always have to be great does it? Saga was a little different and I think the emotional gratification of the book is completely diminishing. The story is its usual progressive self and the characters are all the same, but that charm is lost. There is such little love left in this book, it is all angst and depression and to see Marko at the end of this book was just depressing. I almost can’t read it, it upsets me so much. Swamp Thing also ended this week in weird rushed fashion. Not only did the final fight come too quickly, it tried to be too clever and failed. When a book writes about the end of the character being like a book, you know that it has become too self referential. It was a shame. Anyway there was a lot else to be happy about!

Marvel Codes

Avengers #42 – NTMD4YDDY0BY


DIG052611_2Detective Comics #40

What a joyous book to behold. Manapul and Buccellato have really leaned into this book and produced some fantastic pieces of work. The detective element of the book is at its best and the glorious colours really produce a new look Gotham. A great finale to the end of the second arc of this great creative partnership.



DIG052612_2Green Lantern #40

I haven’t been enjoying this book much of late but this issue saw a change and a sweet end. The exit of Jordan from the Corps was done in great style and emotion. To be honest I was so moved by the hug Jordan gave to Kilowog that I was always going to be recommending this issue.



DIG053023_2Grayson #8

I really enjoyed this issue because it brought an end to the story that started in issue one. It flew in the face of convention and decided that all the subterfuge and suspicions didn’t matter, let it end with physical violence. This finale was actually quite cleverly written and I was really glad to see the progress made.


DIG053386_2Spider-woman #5 – NTMD8WZQZM17

Hopeless has produced quite an interesting angle for Jess, the return to crimefighting 101. Also she appears to be a little selfish and unwilling to listen to others. I like this aspect of her character and I am looking forward to seeing how it plays out. The style and art is lovely and her outfit is fantastic.



DIG053375_2Avengers World #18 – NTMKEXGQYCJ7

This story completely took me by surprise because it was amazingly well told. The Namor Cabal angle and the Sunspot takeover of A.I.M is a very intriguing and they ran in parallel. This led to some interesting plot developments and quite clever character work. I never expected this from this title, especially since Spencer left.



DIG053135_3All New Hawkeye #1 – TMA7W1IEXDH9

Now I am still dealing with the repercussions of Fraction and Aja finishing, and this book appearing whilst Hawkeye still runs albeit for one issue. This was a solid opener and though the regular art is similar in style to Aja (but not in delivery) the childhood memories work is very different and quite lovely. Im not entirely sure of the angle but I look forward to reading more.


DIG053384_2Rocket Raccoon #9 – NTM1LR7U0CLU

This was a fun book and a great story. To see future Rocket and Groot and their respective incarnations was fantastically funny, and quite well depicted. The stories to this book really need a specific angle to appeal to the Rocket’s artistic interpretation, and this one was perfect.


DIG054274_2Supreme Blue Rose #7

As much as this book is a little bonkers at time and I don’t always follow it, the ending was superb. Lotay’s art was glorious and Ellis delivered a beautiful end. I am so sad to see this genuinely innovative book and I can only hope to see more of Tula.



DIG054267_2Descender #1

This was another fantastic science fiction book, of which there were a few this week. Lemire created a great story, thought not one we haven’t seen before. However the star of the book was Dustin Nguyen, who’s watercolours were just beautiful. Here is what I wrote on the Cover of the Week post:



DIG053562_2The Superannuated Man #6

Check out what I wrote for the Honour Roll this week:



DIG054271_2Rat Queens #9

I love Rat Queens but the loss of Upchurch is mainly problematic when drawing Betty, because she is so unique and cute that the others just don’t look like her. Sejic is a great artist and the rest of the book is excellent. The writing was also impressive and the story was told in quite the unique way. I am happy to see this book back in the shelves.



DIG054270_2Nameless #2

I honestly had no idea what was happing in the first issue but this one was much more approachable. It was well written with some excellent characterisation and the ever so subtle blend of science and religion. Burnham was once again great and I cannot get enough of his art.



DIG054265_2Black Science #12

Grant is back! The background and ideas behind his return are told as exemplary as ever. However I did notice that Dean White was not on the credits and the backgrounds were not painted or as atmospheric as they once were. I did enjoy it still and I admire Dinisio colours.



DIG054654_1Feathers #3

Once again the look and feel of this book is just a delight. The cute and quirky childish style is wonderful to read and the plot is making good headway. It almost reads as Dr Who story with the have and have nots with a child of special birth and powers, waiting to reveal all to the town.



DIG054648_1Cluster #2

I don’t think there is much new to this story but for what it is, it is told very well. The secret important prisoner requiring special treatment and the isolation of a band of heroes is all too common. But there is grit and determination in this tale and the art is suitably coarse for that effect. I am impressed with the partnership of Brisson and Couceiro.

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