Cover of the Week 11/3 – Ms Marvel #13 by Marguerite Sauvage

DIG053699_2For the same reasons that this book continues to delight, are the same reasons that this is the cover of the week. It is fresh, youthful and exuberant. Kamala Khan is such a great ambassador for the young naive superpowered hero and the sheer delight on her face is evidence of that. Her facial features are round and full of energy as she launches into the air with a punch. The exaggerative features are not only signify her powers but also the abundance of energy she has. The breaking of glass and watching it shatter is a great effect for showing her strength but also delivers some perspective. There are some lovely signs of her delight such as the comics falling from her person of Carol Danvers Ms Marvel, highlighting the legacy she is overjoyed to be fulfilling and throwing the peace sign with her left hand. Kamala’s appearance is so bright and colourful but there are some nice aspects that maintain her ethnicity such as the cape, which isn’t really a cape but a traditional shawl and the mehendi decoration of her left palm. The cover and the character represent so much enthusiasm and the character design is unique yet superhero classical. A beautiful cover that manages to hit all the important points that make this book so wonderful.

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