The Theatre List 11/3 – There is only one Marvel Superhero group

The blandness of Star Wars has completely painted over my love of Star Wars with a dull shade of grey. You can understand why it exists and who it is aimed for, but in my opinion, it does the comic industry a disservice because it fails to provide a nuanced composition of one of the greatest stories ever told. Cassaday’s art is a little hit and miss too as he seems to focus too much on character likeness as opposed to the dynamism of movement. Sadly I think this will be the last one I pick up. Howard the Duck was released this week too and was a solid opening comic. As a novice to the Duck world I find myself a little underwhelmed at the disgruntled chap and found the story a little dry. The art was quite pleasant and suitably quirky so Ill continue to read it but I was not very excited about it. Otherwise All New continues to be about nothing and failed to use Del Mundo to the best of his abilities, Deadpool was very average with a reasonable story and I still struggle to love Shutter, even though I feel I should. Onto the best books!

Marvel Codes

Deadpool #43 – TMARZZ2NGBMS

Howard the Duck #1 – NTMUBLRB4VJ6

All New X-Men #37 – NTM2DLJAHXB7


Action Comics 040 (2015) (Digital-Empire)-000Action Comics #40

I was so happy to see the new52 Bizarro with his classic reverse speak which kinda makes no sense, even in that universe. Clark managed him great despite the world just being ridiculous, but using the Doomsday power to produce bunnies and kittens was just hilarious. At the end you just had no idea what had happened and whether it was genuinely for the best.


Thor (2014-) 006-000Thor #6 – TMAIR98R20ZG

Even though she featured little in this, I quite enjoyed the shenanigans of Mr Agger and Malekith, the torment of Odinson and his obsession in hunting down Thor’s identity and how Heimdall just didn’t see who picked up the hammer. Most importantly Dauterman was back for this issue and was just fantastic.



Spider-Gwen 002-000Spider-Gwen #2 – TMAGI2N8TFMJ

I did not see this issue coming. The character is plucky but fallible and her secret keeping skills are legitimately worse than Peter Parker’s. Spider-hams appearance was actually quite well written and amusing without seeming like an unnecessary guest. The best part of the book is how well Latour emphasises the importance of Gwen to her friends and family.


Ant-Man 003-000Ant-Man #3 – TMAH7V0J00X8

This was a truly professional comic book with the right notes being touched in the right order. A good intro to an ongoing tale, nice demonstrations of Ant-Man’s powers and his buddies, a good fight with an old hero, the ever so vulnerable daughter playing drums without her father and the finale twist that brings it all together.



Silver Surfer (2014-) 010-000Silver Surfer #10 – TMAENTDN55KB

I am astounded by the brilliance of this book. The start was a little rushed and the explanation for Norrin being alive was a little rushed but the classic Dr Who themes were all to pertinent. The sacrifice of the planet’s inhabitants to save the others from Galactus was beautiful but the pledge of Dawn to become the new herald was a delightfully sweet touch. Norrin’s transformation is almost complete.


Ms. Marvel (2014-) 013-000Ms Marvel #13

Even though Alphona was missing, Miyazawa did a great job on the art, mainly on the dialogue scenes as the fighting was a little stiff. The writing was sublime with great cultural touches of traditional Pakistan. Once again the balance between an Inhuman hero and a traditional asian girls was so well rendered.



DIG053700_2New Avengers #11 – NTME195V6Y53

I just cannot believe how good this book was and how wonderful the twist of Rabum Alal is. The build and planning was the key to a true surprise. Great to see Walker on art again and I cannot wait to see more of the Stephen Strange magic priest storylines.


East of West 018-000East of West #18

Just magnificent writing with some of the most original characters in comics. The son of Death is proving to be quite the interesting character as he is slowly released into the real world. The final scene involving Death and Lady Mao was so beautifully written that I do believe Hickman has actually expressed an emotion!



Sheltered 015-000Sheltered #15

This issue was the very last one and not one of the best, but the series has finished and it was a good run. Sheltered was a strange book about kids performing patricide and matricide in the name of surviving a natural disaster. This issue wrapped up the consequences of the final fight and was a solid exposition of the children trying to process what has just occurred to them.


The Surface 001-000The Surface #1

I wonder if this book will disappear into the ether as Ales Kot tries to make sense of his crazed thought processes. I like how there is an interview mid way through the comic and is essentially Kot being interviewed. The art and colouring is lovely but the story is bonkers and I look forward to seeing it come together, if it ever will.



Southern Cross 001-000Southern Cross #1

What a great opening issue with some glorious scenes of an industrial ship appearing cold and dark. There is a mystery to the disappearance of a female worker and her sister enters the carrier in a bid to investigate. I was amazed at the feel of this book and the look of the characters.

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