The Theatre List 18/3 – And to the outsider the spoils

Straight off the bat I want to talk about Black Widow and why I find it quite frustrating. Edmondson has already created a great Punisher book with varying arcs that link up as a whole, making each issue more and more important. Black Widow has a completely different tack because Natasha just going round foiling crime capers without getting to the bottom of them. So finally we get to a point where she is captured and some of the mysteries are revealed, sadly they are not that impressive after fifteen issues of mystery. The art still good and the childhood memory of Natasha is important to her character but it does not fit with the current reveals sadly. Superman was a sweet issue with Clark learning how to be human but it just felt off kilter and I am beginning to think it is all to do with the inconsistency of JrJr’s art. I still struggle with Remender’s Sam Wilson and have no interest in the book especially with the rushed return of Ian. Oh yeah perhaps it was the ridiculousness of a swarm of infected fleas that put me off. I still adore Chaykin’s art on Satellite Sam, but I literally struggle to read the book and comprehend it. Chrononauts was released this past week and, as always the art was immense as per Murphy’s style. However the writing left a lot to be desired and so many of the characters were cliche and the amusing panels rather droll. Don’t get me wrong, it is a solid book but I really would rather a more original story, especially when Black Science is out there. I want to make mention of another indy release, Red One. It was an odd premise with a soviet spy infiltrating the US in the heat of the cold war. I had a few problems with it because the main character is a super talented, voluptuous, tightly clad female tovarisch who is quite light hearted and playful with the misogyny of the book. It was all rather to coy and tongue in cheek and not a single part of it seemed Russian or communist so I failed to see the point.

Marvel Codes

Black Widow #16 – NTMMGXIY04CK

All New X-Men #39 – NTMDZSG90093


DIG054194_2The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #3 – TMA2DT8SZXUV

Amusing, sweet and down right ridiculous is the winning combination for this book. The “story so far” page was so witty and original and used tweet conversations to let you know the happenings. Also the suit made of real live squirrels was so genius and hilarious that I am rapidly falling for the book.



DIG054422_1Magneto #16 – TMA8236GV254

This book has become really rather interesting because not only has Magneto re-opened Genosha but xenophobia has infiltrated them. The harrowing references to Nazism are quite unpleasant and there is an undertone of Magneto never being satisfied and the fight will never ever stop. Walta’s art is spot on with the mood of the writing.



DIG054426_1The Punisher #16 – TMAEYLTMAVKK

It is a little ridiculous, the kidnapping but I did love it. The whole story is becoming quite the conspiracy and the classic, it goes all the way to the top, is clearly in force here. The escape sequences and gunplay panels are joyous and the arrival of Captain America does not seem amiss, which is a rare delight.



DIG054417_1The Winter Soldier #6 – TMAVSIZIVTX8

The story is still batshit insane, the art is still outside of the box but the comic is just a wonderful read. Kot introduces a multiple universe in such an each way with out over-complication but brings emotional connection to it. The story of older Bucky is great and the badassery of Bones is still very much in effect.



DIG054420_1Hulk #13 – NTM53IIR70YB

This comic hit all the main points of Doc Green, i.e. the sorrow he feels for losing on of his scientists, the detachment and reliance upon Banner and the conniving of Green. Deadpool as a guest did not disrupt the flow of the book but added those amusing panels and brought some light-heartedness.



DIG054421_1Loki #12 – NTMY7G1FN5TG

I am not one for villain’s monologuing a big reveal but I loved this issue because the older Loki tortures not only his brother in all ages and times but his younger self. He almost makes you feel sorry for Loki because his reputation afford him no trust him and you can understand why it all turns out the way it does.


Cover10_colPrivate Eye #10

I am very sad to see the end of this brilliant book. The final pages were violent and dramatic and the twists and outcomes of the end were certainly worth reading. Marco Martin is on fire with the last few panels and the have become a joy to read. I also found that the story was quite coherent and made thematic sense throughout leading to a great culmination.

DIG054915_2Invisible Republic #1

Now this was a surprise, and that only occurred at the very final page. The strange post apocalyptic world is a mess and it is run by a single dictator. The backstory of a man trying to protect his family against tyrant soldiers links in very well with the future. The heavy inking and colouring are befitting the darkness of the story.



DIG054910_2Alex + Ada #13

I still find it incredible how Luna manages to tell this story with the subtlest of changes in repetitive letterbox panels. It is a very novel way to portray conversations and little action between characters. Combine that with the most beautiful simplistic pictorials and the book is impossible to out down. The story is making the headway you would expect with the android phobia that is become ever so present.


Mind MGMT 031-001Mind MGMT #31

Check out my entry for Comicosity’s Honour Roll:



DIG054934_2Outcast #7

The dark emotionally turmoiled mood of this book is so well composed with Kirkman’s writing and Azaceta’s art. Not a huge amount happens in this book but the conversations are well written and the characterisations are excellent. There are some incredibly poignant panels that really resonate quite deeply.



DIG054948_1Zero #15

This was just a crazy issue and what was a relatively gritty spy story has become a little fantastical and nightmarish. The mushroom infestation of the soul is such a nutty idea that it works with the excellently textured art from Bertram. He has very large panels and the ability to show more than one part of the story at once, it is really quite lovely.



DIG054923_1The Manhattan Projects: The sun beyond the stars #1

As always another excellent facet to the MP story by Hickman and just brilliant artwork from Pitarra. There was a fantastic balance between delightful alien humour, explosive betrayals and a lovely reunion. Once you get to grips with the insane altered reality, you will not be able to put this book down.


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