Cover of the Week 25/3 – The Wicked + The Divine #9 by McKelvie & Wilson

The Wicked + The Divine 009-000When I went to visit Jamie McKelvie at Leeds Thought Bubble I was debating which issues to get signed. That is when I realised I am just in love with the covers of every single comic, not just because they look pretty but because they really encapsulate the essence of the character they bear. Ananke is clearly the leader and the all purveyor of the Gods, knowing all. Her mystery brings an air of cynicism and irritation but also a hint of menace. This page is testament to all those characteristics, not only does McKelvie pay so much attention to style but he had such clear and simple definition. Even the elderly ladies have precise wrinkles and sagged skin, I particularly love the neck creases. Her demeanour is flat and straight, as her mouth remains curt in appearance, short and deliberate. Her glare is similar and you wonder if she is pre-emptively aggressive of she is just full of hate. Her emotions are not even exaggerated but a little muted but her intent is so clear. Her dress is quite regal emphasising her superiority and seniority amongst the children around her, she is made to look like she has noble upbringing with the large neck ruff. Her eye wear is more of a modern sensibility as is her black pearl jewellery hanging from it. The whole piece is coloured in grey but you would have to say it is quite colourful because Wilson has the ability to bring life to just one colour and allows prominence of her glare by the red tint of her irises. Such an enigmatic, royal and intimidating cover and lives up to the incredibly high standard McKelvie has set for himself.

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