The Theatre List 8/4 – The week that Ales Kot built!

There were an interesting bunch of comics out this past week, and of course Convergence began. Not that I have any expectations but the idea that different worlds are battling it out for dominance is not novel or grand. It seems to be more a chance to say hello to old friends and books lost long ago. As nostalgic as that may be, it is still not as good as the plots and characters that were once out favourites. A good example of this is Batman and Robin which saw the return of Damian and Bruce pre new52 but the character did not feel like those of those times and the art did not live up to it either. It is a shame because it is almost a cheapening of the memories. I also wanted to talk about Howard the Duck because I don’t think I understand his character at all. Maybe it is the guest heroes or the fact he has yet to have his own space yet. All New Hawkeye was perfectly fine but not that impressive, once again the dichotomy of stories just did not gel together, despite both being perfectly competent pieces of work. Nameless is a very interesting book as alternate issues seem to be great and then it loses the plot. The book is a coherent and well crafted piece of work but it lost that hook to the story which I know exists. However I still expect it to pick up as times progresses. A last mention to Saga as it once again failed to make the list. The depressing nature and horrid turn of the characters makes it a difficult read and even though this is a character issue. I was unsure to the angle BKV was approaching with regards to Marko’s domestic abuse but it did not come together in any pertinent way.

Marvel Codes

Avengers World #19 – FMCFJKL95W2W

Hulk #14 – FMCPN4YV542R

Howard the Duck #2 – FMCRRSL8DUYZ

Ant-Man #4 – TMAIH30H2RNM

All-New Hawkeye #2 – TMAGXC6WJC02


Convergence - Speed Force (2015) 001-000Convergence: Speed Force #1

Okay so call me a hypocrite but I am so nostalgic for Wally and his kids that I was quite happy to see them again. The family element was so essential to West’s character that it was great to see it again. The art was towards the comedic side but fitted with the alternate worlds involved in the book.



Convergence - Superman (2015) 001-000Convergence: Superman #1

This was probably the only story that had me a little intrigued, though it was good to see the classic older Clark back. The character Subject 1 was not that interesting prior to the new 52 but his devotion to Lois is going to be a dangerous liaison. The pencilling is also quite erratic and the colours on the paler side, lending to a more serious and mature tone.



Deadpool-045-01Deadpool #45 – TMA8QRVJ4PC1

I was quite upset to see this title end because it was been consistent and funny for a very long period of time. Not only has Deadpool undergone a drastic personality change but he has genuinely undergone an evolution in character. There will be those stoic fans out there who will repel this change, for what it is worth, it makes sense. So much so that family will also be sadly missed. The death was also impressively tame and realistic.


Darth Vader 004-000aDarth Vader #4

This has been the first issue that really ironed out the character traits of the big man himself. His exile by the emperor and the return to the top are all handled very well. Aphra is a great character too, aware of her limitations and her role in the journey to redemption giving a nuanced exposition. The plot has also taken a wonderfully exciting and relevant twist.


Spider-Woman (2014-) 006-000Spider-Woman #6 – FMC4CVV8W8H0

This issue really cements the character of the book because it brings together Jess’ character, a supporting cast, an intricate plot and a wonderful sense of humour. It reminds me a little of Superior Foes in tone and complexity with a subset of lower tier bad guys. The art is excellent but it is the colouring that makes the book jump off the pages.



Angela - Asgard's Assassin 005-000Angela: Asgard’s Assassin #5 – TMAGK2PHBLYG

I have yet to read enjoy this book but finally there was a family feel to this book, not that this was a theme I was looking for, but given the nature of the plot, one that needed to be there. The fight between Thor and Angela was so beautifully depicted and well crafted that it alone was worth the purchase. I can only hope for more of the same.



Bucky Barnes - The Winter Soldier 007-000Bucky Barnes – The Winter Soldier #7 – TMANJH6H0MUG

This book was so beautiful and tragic that I just cannot praise Kot highly enough. The twist and turns with an intense background story all delivered on the final page and made this the standout issue of the arc.




Legacy of Luther Strode 001 (2015) (Digital-Empire)001The Legacy of Luther Strode #1

Check my review of this book later this week!




DIG055916_3Copperhead #6

This comic has carved out a niche amongst all others and Clara Bronson is a novel female character. It is not that she is just hard and suffers no fools but Faeber brings out a caring touch every now and again. The art is lovely and carries that air of the derelict town with beautiful shades of orange contrasting with a blue hue sky.



The Surface 002-000The Surface #2

I find the art to this book almost a little too comedic for the serious nature of the book. In any case the story is just about coherent enough to follow, which is not classic Ales Kot! Give the book time, it has that blend of fantasy, confusion and reality that keeps you hooked.



Rat Queens 010 (2015) (uHD) (Digital) (Dogmatix-Empire) 00Rat Queens #10

Sejic is beginning to find his voice as the Queens are really making strides in legitimacy. The plot has revealed itself in a really intriguing way and it was gorgeously expressed. The facial features of the characters are adeptly expressive to the story being told, especially one that focuses on emotional troubles. I can even forgive that Betty looks a little too perfect.


Descender 002-000Descender #2

Words fail to describe how incredible this comic actually was. But I am going to try later this week!


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