Cover of the Week 15/4 – Chrononauts #2 by Sean Murphy

DIG056302_2Sean Murphy has produced two spectacular stories of late, in the form of Punk Rock Jesus and The Wake. These two had completely different vibes and this new title has runs off at a tangent once again. You can envisage instantly from this cover that this is a buddy comic and collects all the activities that run with that. The gambling, in the form of a giant roulette wheel backdrop, the cars, with a classic roadster roaring towards us, and the running away from trouble as you notice the hoards of people on horseback with quite nasty weaponry. The back to back arms crossed pose of Danny and Corbin is just hilarious and signifies their bromance. Murphy has that amazing, almost scratchy attention to detail that really reinforced expressions and emotions, and that could not be more truer than with these two characters. Danny has a childish petulant grin with his eyes wide open looking for mischief, whereas Corbin has that sly thin lipped grin with an almost quizzical look, shooting a glance of arrogance across the room. The subtle gestures of the car mid jump, Danny’s throwing a hand sign and the musical notes lifting from the vehicle all indicate they are driving frivolously and just don’t care. The colours by Hollingsworth and worthy of the roasting middle eastern sun and really warm up the page. Despite being a gorgeous cover, there will always be ominous undertones as you know that whatever it is they have got going on, it cannot possibly last and only trouble awaits them. But I think they already know that.

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